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Can I afford to divorce?

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yetanotherstatistic Thu 18-Aug-11 17:17:42

'm contemplating divorce (named changed for obvious reasons). I don't know what the financial implications would be as I am the main breadwinner. We're not earning huge amounts but I earn twice what DH earns. Everything is in my name and I pay for virtually everything - mortgage/council tax/water/electricity/childcare etc. He pays for some of the food and some of the car related costs. This is conntributing in a big way to the problem as he is always promising to give me money towards the bills but it rarely materialises.

He has never been good with money and so we have separate bank accounts (apart from a joint savings account with a couple of quid in it). He has never adjusted to thinking that we are married and as such we effectively have a collective pot of money to cover everything. He thinks very much in terms of "his" money and "my" money. I can see that having separate bank accounts reinforces that but equally I didn't want to risk him overspending on a joint account and it leading to bills not being paid.

If we split up what would happen? Would I be expected to pay him maintenance and how much would that be? We have a DC who is at preschool full time so we don't have a primary carer although it does mainly fall to me at weekends.

With the house market as it is unlikely that we would be able to sell the house and I certainly couldn't afford to pay everything and pay for accommodation for him.

All info gratefully received.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Thu 18-Aug-11 19:30:40

Spousal maintenance is hardly ever awarded these days so it's unlikely that you would have to pay your STBXH any maintenance.

You would only have to pay child maintenance to him if the dc lived with him. Is that what you are thinking? How many dc do you have and who do you envisage them living with?

FabbyChic Thu 18-Aug-11 19:59:47

You would not be expected to pay him anything, basically it would come down to selling the marital home or one buying the other out, plus the one who has primary care of any children gets maintenance for said children.

Sounds to me like you could do a clean split where you both keep what is yours, and halve the savings each.

boudiccasSideKick Fri 19-Aug-11 13:58:29

DP is going through this at the moment. Solicitors charge roughly between £1,500 to £1,800 if its all amicable. Everything gets taken into account and is split 50/50.

For example on the big things:

His ex is keeping house (worth say 350K)
He will get a pension pot on retiring (worth say 500k)

These are off-set against each other leaving 150K. DP has to give her half of this also in different ways over the years.

Hope this is of some help?

vvvvfedup Fri 19-Aug-11 14:19:46

From what i've been advised spousal maintenance is often awarded (usually where one partner has given up work to be sahm) and it's often a lot more than 50% awarded to the partner who has primary care of the children

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