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Oh how will this end?

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rainbowdrift Mon 15-Aug-11 21:47:12

Ok me and my partner been together for 2 and half years. Last 2 months we have fought alot and after sitting down and talking last week he admitted he wasnt happy with me no more and he loved me but not in love with me. So we both agreed to break up. We have a 1 year old and i have 2 older children who call him dad. As this is his house we have to move but has said there no rush just wait til i can get a place and we will still live together. We now staying in seperate beds.
Here is where i need some opinions. This last week we have got on brilliantlly, we laugh joke, he hugs me alot, we enjoying eachothers company. Its like that now we dont stress about making it work we have totally relaxed. He has said he is so happy right now how we are, and its like we were before the stress.
I love him and he loves me do you think that this time as not a couple just friends might mean we can make it work? i know he has questioned it but am i getting hopeful for no reason

buzzsore Mon 15-Aug-11 22:38:42

I don't know, maybe you're on the path to reconciliation. But if you feel more for him than he feels for you, you do need to guard your heart.

If you're splitting, maybe you'll be able to stay amicable and even be good friends, which would be great for the children as well - and some ex-couples do manage it well. But you got to think about what happens when he starts dating, or you find someone else, and whether that would cause problems.

I think just keep talking but also try to move on with your life in positive ways that don't have him central to it.

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