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He walked out

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londongirl27 Mon 15-Aug-11 01:27:20

I feel sad,lonely and scared. My partner of nearly 8 years has left me for someone else 15 years younger than us. We are both 40 and I thought we were happy I didn't suspect he was having an affair! He brought up my DD from the age of 3 and she adored him. He just said he couldn't do this anymore although we had recently booked a holiday and agreed to try for a baby that we have been discussing in the last 7 years.
I am in total shock and have not told anyone yet. I can't eat sleep or focus on anything!!! Can anyone shed some light or advise me before I go mad!!!

pickgo Mon 15-Aug-11 01:40:53

Gosh what a shock for you. Don't feel scared though, it'll be alright you know in the long-term. Obviously you need to give yourself time now to take this in and adjust. Make yourself a cuppa, and focus on slow deep breathing.

Is there anyone that you could call to be with you in rl?

steelchic Mon 15-Aug-11 01:59:50

Sorry your going through this I know how you feel. It's early days for you. You are in shock keep posting here it helps. Sorry no magic answer on how to make it better
Take care of youself and your DC xx

londongirl27 Mon 15-Aug-11 12:19:50

Thanks for your support- I feel emotionally exhausted- just found out he has taken her to New York!! That's just knocked my confidence and self -esteem further down the gutter and i feel really sad. How on earth has he moved on so quick....... shall I call her and tell her that he was with me in the last 8 years because maybe he has told her he was single....
He has ruined my life I must find a new flat as we used to share the rent and bills and I can't afford to do stay in the flat on my own..

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