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Weary and Worn Out as CEO of family, husband and life

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carocaro Mon 08-Aug-11 13:09:00

That's it really. Do you know what I mean?

DH made sort of redundant after 6 months in job, he has to change plan and then he should be employed again, alledgedly. Very long story but that's it in a nutshell. But instead of getting the fuck on with it and buckling down he's all wafting and lack lustre and not getting down to it. I get he's fed up and had his confidance knocked, but he litereally does not have the luxury of wallowing in it.

His last pay was 15th July and he won't get any on August 15th. He's been to sign on, but that takes weeks to get organised. I can't tell you what a pisser this is in the Summer hols with two children off. We are supposed to be going for a week away in the UK on Saturday, but at this rate we won't be able to fill up the car to get there let alone do anything when we are there.

I have been supportive, shouted, helped, but nothing. I am weary with it all.

What can I do?

blackeyedsusan Mon 08-Aug-11 14:00:27

hrdwork isn't it?

happyclapper Mon 08-Aug-11 22:03:34

Sorry things are so tough at the moment. Have been in a similar situation and to a certain extent you have to just try and hang in there. Maybe when the reality of having no money hits he will get his act together.
In the meantime the best advice I can give you is to make financial cut backs immediatley.
When my DP was made redundant we felt sure he would get a job within a month or 2 so I carried on much as before doing my big supermarket shop and buying the kids new clothes without thinking. It all went on credit cards and by the time he was back in work everything was maxed out and it's going to take us years to get straight again. We didn't even apply for any of the help out there.
Act now and you will get back on your feet more quickly.
Good luck

bubaluchy Mon 08-Aug-11 22:16:11

carocaro , I am in exactly the same boat, handed in his notice in a secondary school in May bloody May!... he hasn't been pro active at all in his job hunt, his last pay cheque is in August and that will all go on bills it's really stressful isn't it?
I wonder if men are becoming a bit more shit at life and women are becoming the more dominant ones, they need to man up I say.
Good luck with yours I hope you get some good advise, I've tried being tough/sympathetic even filling out application forms for him nothing works.
Good luck smile

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