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we just can't get on about money

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mumblesale Mon 01-Aug-11 19:02:34

and I fear it will split us up.

We lived in a two bed flat which was big enough for DP, me and baby DS. Then DP's DD (13) came to live with us, suddenly, which meant we had to give up our rented flat and move into my larger flat which has 3 bedrooms. The idea was to sell it and get a bigger house together.

In the old 2 bed flat we split the rent almost equally, DP paid slightly more, because he was much more prescriptive about the flat because of work needs which meant a really expensive one.

I had to give my tenants notice. I had been living off the rental income since I had DS. It was a lot of money because my mortgage is very cheap. I work freelance and earn reasonable money, but whatever happened at the end of the month I was always ok because the rent money would go in.

We agreed DP would pay the mortgage on my flat while we lived there (it's not much for London, about 400). Even without paying the mortgage, I was immediately £500 a month worse off every month and I've struggled ever since.

We are both freelance and our earnings go up and down each month so it would be technically impossible to pool our funds.

When we moved in we did the house up to sell it. DP paid for this because I am putting all the equity from my flat into the new house and DP is putting all his savings in but they are much less. This was agreed but has been brought up very frequently in arguments. Recently, a small job needed doing which turned out to be a bit more expensive than I expected. I originally said I would pay for it, but seeing how much it is (500) I asked if I could put it through the joint stuff. He said no that wasn't fair he couldn't afford it. I think he's getting a very cheap deal and this is a shared expense. Plus I pay half for his daughter (willingly) and do loads for her. WHen he said no I said ok, fair enough, I asked but as I said I would I will pay for us.

However, I'm now not all angry inside because yet again money is coming between us when usually we are very happy.

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