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seperation advice please.............

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zabrina Mon 01-Aug-11 11:30:06

Hi, I am really looking for advice. I fount out my partner had been cheating (internet stuff, maybe more) and lying about money ( loads of debt) nearly a year ago. Whilst I have always wanted us to seperate my partner took the stance that if I wanted to move out then I would have to leave with the children.

I have completed a teaching trainig course this year and so was in no position to do so and promised myself that once qualified and once I have secured a job I could make plans to move without too much disruption to the children. However I have not secured a job. My partner has continued to behave worse dissappearing for days at a time, I think because I am putting up with it.

Anyhow last week I moved into a hotel for a few days and then in with a friend or the rest of the time. This is not suitable and was wondering if anyone could tell me what they had done in a similar situation. The house is privately rented in both our names, rent come from his bank account!

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