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jekyllnothyde Wed 27-Jul-11 16:24:13

A difficult breakup with ex, that has teetered near to solicitors and had periods when he hasn't seen our DS followed by times when we have got together again but at the moment we don't talk for either fear of getting back together or for having a row. So it all feels very cold, and I wonder what we could do to make it better?
There are issues between us. but also a real desire to do the best for DS. Trouble is communication has always been our downfall.
I know there is mediation over practical stuff but will that touch on emotions between us and finding a way to discuss how we want to parent.
Both of us need to row back a bit and build some trust to begin a new relationship as separated parents so was wondering has anyone tried counselling to split up finally, get some closure between us and to set up a co-parenting agreement that includes more than the practical bits?
And any advice about sorting out co-parenting really appreciated

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