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Er... reviews please, on the rampant rabbit thruster.

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MakeYerOwnDamnDinner Mon 25-Jul-11 21:39:20

Not sure if this is the correct section but seeing as a vibrator is the closest I'm going to be getting to a 'relationship' any time soon, I'm posting here.

So yeah. The rampant rabbit thruster. Any good? It's almost £50.00 so I thought I'd see what others thought before I parted with my cash.

DementedHousewife Mon 25-Jul-11 21:43:39

grin grin grin grin grin grin

juneybean Mon 25-Jul-11 21:45:10

It's grand aye, if it's the blue one?

StealthPolarBear Mon 25-Jul-11 21:47:00

Well here's one for "Mumsnet swear by..."
Bet there won't be one in the summer hols

MakeYerOwnDamnDinner Mon 25-Jul-11 21:53:08

Juneybean it's the white one. It looks frickin huge.

garlicbutter Mon 25-Jul-11 21:59:06

Er, can I piggy-back on your thread please?

I really don't get along with sex toys. I've tried a few - the problem isn't with what they do, it's more some sort of ishoo about having sex with an inanimate object. However. My anti-depressants cause 'delayed orgasm', result being I get fed up while doing it myself (I sometimes feel like one of those awful blokes who go "Haven't you come yet?"!! blush grin ) ... and often pack it in, leaving myself hanging on the edge.

Rather than face a lifetime of finger cramp and frustration, I reckon I need to find one that does the trick even though it's a machine made of plastic.

So, at £50 ... what do you experts think? Will it work?

FannyFifer Mon 25-Jul-11 22:00:11

Yes,yes,yes, oh yes, oh oh oh, yes, yes wink

MakeYerOwnDamnDinner Mon 25-Jul-11 22:13:17

garlicbutter feel free to piggy back away - you are more than welcome.

My problem is that while clitoral orgasms produced with fingers are all very lovely, I have a better orgasm if there is dual stimulation going on ie vaginal and clitoral. It's too tricky to do that for myself with just my hands.

I like the idea of a vibrator that thrusts rather than just vibrates inside you too.

Payne1234 Mon 25-Jul-11 22:15:52

Link please smile

garlicbutter Mon 25-Jul-11 22:20:24

Ahhh, it actually does thrust? Ooh!
<starts counting emergency cash>

MakeYerOwnDamnDinner Mon 25-Jul-11 22:24:06

Hmm ok - here is my attempt at a link:!letc~ev!46043||et!letc~ev!10201||et!letc~ev!10202||_40151_-1_46043_88720_10001_10201?

Neverlandpirate Mon 25-Jul-11 22:24:12

grin I now have two! blush...the clear one and the new smaller pink one. It is sad I know, but as desperately single (4years, 8 months.....) grin.... you have to find the fun somewhere else.

Go on....spoil yourself...but also buy some of that lube gel too as the plastic needs a good moistening I find grin

MakeYerOwnDamnDinner Mon 25-Jul-11 22:24:25

Well that went well didn't it.

Payne1234 Mon 25-Jul-11 22:28:51

Thanks Dinner I just copied and pasted it.

It looks classy. I am not one for thrusting toys but it looks tempting...I might have to purchase, why don't they have a toy (lending) library eh?

BibiBlocksberg Mon 25-Jul-11 22:37:51

Eeeeeewwwww @ toy lending library grin

Sorry, another singleton here about to replace the last 'machine lover' which hit the bin last weekend.

Thrust eh? Does it come with 'strength' ratings? Couldn't be doing with paying out the emergency fund (lol garlic) on something that wouldn't thrust the skin off of a rice pudding smile

<watches debate with interest>

MakeYerOwnDamnDinner Mon 25-Jul-11 22:43:00

It has 3 thrust speeds bibi. And by the looks of the advert the only man I've ever seen come anywhere close to the strongest one is Eric Northman in 'that' episode of True Blood. That's got to be a good enough reason to buy it in itself surely.

(makeyerowndamndinners imagination starts to run away with her....)

hellospoon Mon 25-Jul-11 22:44:55

Rather than face a lifetime of finger cramp and frustration


hellospoon Mon 25-Jul-11 22:44:55

Rather than face a lifetime of finger cramp and frustration


ChunkyMonkeyMother Mon 25-Jul-11 22:46:02

I have the pink thruster - Its pretty damn good, best advice I can give is to invest in good batteries (I use rechargables) - It warms up to body heat so it feels a bit more realistic - Love it love it love it! more than my dh about as much as my dh wink

It has quite a few settings for both the thrust and the vibrate function - you can also change the direction of the thrust (Not really sure who decided that was necessary) and trust me this would skin you're rice pudding iyswim!

FreudianSlipper Mon 25-Jul-11 22:47:28

oh they are great

have not paid that sort of money for them, shop around (sounds like i am an expert but i have only had 2 and prefer the pink original type one the other was just a little too thumpy

single or not (i have not lived with anyone for years and not planning too) they are great to have around for a quick one with yourself and always guaranteed orgasm, it being plastic and not real you soon get over and i used to look forward to having a night to myself and my rabbit when i was with my ex

ChunkyMonkeyMother Mon 25-Jul-11 22:47:39

Makeyourowndamndinner - if they sold Eric Northman from that scene of True Blood I'd have moved myself to a quiet cave to spend the rest of my days happily sorting myself out with said purchase ha ha

wileycoyote Mon 25-Jul-11 22:49:27

I hope this thing can live up to the hype.
Could it also write some bad poetry and make coffee in the morning?

nenevomito Mon 25-Jul-11 22:52:47


I bought one. It eats batteries.....
.....Look, I'll be blunt, it, erm well......It makes amusing noises so I just can't take it seriously.

Amusing noises. Ok. Think about that. It kills the moment.

<runs away>

HauntedLittleLunatic Mon 25-Jul-11 23:03:38

So how does the thrusting work....I can't visualize that...but as a recently single woman maybe a thrust would add more umph to a vibrator...

garlicbutter Mon 25-Jul-11 23:04:12

Oh, god, amusing noises?! You don't mean it tells jokes, do you grin

This looks vairry interesting: touch shaft vibrator. Wondering if, not having to use any controls or buttons, it might seem more 'natural'?

Ummm ... anyone tried it? Hard to believe it does what it says, but three reviewers gave it the thumbs up [heh]

Thank you for letting me join in your thread, Dinner! I wonder how long it'll be before they bring out a quiet, non-joke-telling, touch-shaft thruster with flexible ears. Less than a month? <hopeful>

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