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rape as a euphemism for 'good'

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kitchensinkdrama Fri 22-Jul-11 00:16:44 the average dumbass it's like 'bad' or 'wicked'

lets make it stop, it's just not funny.

check out this stupidity and put it in its' place!

oldenoughtowearpurple Fri 22-Jul-11 00:23:49


bejeezus Fri 22-Jul-11 00:29:57

i dont think it was meant as a euphemism for good....
I think he was referring to the rhythm being like (hard, fast) sex??

still distasteful

bejeezus Fri 22-Jul-11 00:30:22

excellent drumming though huh?

confidence Fri 22-Jul-11 01:05:26

excellent drumming though huh?

Fuck yeah!!!

That guy's playing is positively violate.

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