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So it's over and I'm leaving. What do I do first.

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Longo Thu 21-Jul-11 08:49:10

I've posted before about now ex DP, but after a huge row over money and me finding messages to other women on fecking Facebook I've ended it and I'm leaving asap!! Feels amazing but got so much to do, it's over whelming! (sp)?
What do I do first? I'm looking for somewhere to rent with DD, no luck yet but I'll get there.
Can't claim tax credits til I'm gone.
We have savings, about £6,000 I think, all in DP name, I haven't actually put anything into it but have spent my money to enable him to save (we were saving for a house), am I entitled to some of this money before I ask for it?!
How did you arrange custody? Is it best to involve a solicitor? DP wants shared if not complete custody which is never gonna happen is it? DD is three in two weeks btw.
Thanks for replies and any help.

RealityAlt0174 Thu 21-Jul-11 08:53:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wamster Thu 21-Jul-11 08:57:12

I'm glad you feel free. My first port of call would be C.A.B. (Citizens' Advice Bureau). You can tell them your situation in confidence and they should be able to help you. It's free but there may be a wait and you may have to make an appointment.
If the savings are in his name, I'm sorry to say that they are his savings and I don't think that you would be entitled to any of it. A jointly- held account would be a very different story.
I could be wrong here but I think this is right.

Longo Thu 21-Jul-11 09:05:59

Thanks for your replies! I do majority of childcare, so that makes me feel better!
Fuck, I can't see him
Being decent about the savings angry
Will have to go cap in hand to parents sad
So need to see CAB, will get off here then and make an appointment!

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