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DH's job has finished

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smearedinfood Sun 17-Jul-11 13:20:47

I'm sure I've read threads about this before, just can't find them.. Last Friday he finished his contract earlier than he expected. He is really career orientated. We took DS to the museum and I could see DH brain winding down from work. He's a bit miffed his contract finished earlier than expected. No new job lined up so he'll be a SAHD for the time being. I'm going back to work and our spare room has been rented out to a good friend of his while he is going through a divorce.We won't be as well off financially but we'll be ok.

Looking for tips on how to be supportive wifey during this time.

Thanks in advance.

freddy05 Sun 17-Jul-11 18:18:59

From someone who is currently a reluctant SAHM because there and no jobs teaching jobs around at the minute and we can't afford for me to work if we have to pay for holidays clubs for all I'd say the important thing is not to treat him like being at home is his chosen profession. Everytime my DH says I can't possibly do XY or Z because i have to go to work I want to poke him in the eye. Thank him for the work he does at home and show him he is still putting in a valued input to the family because when you are used to earning the money it can feel like you've lost your purpose when you stop which really isn't the case. Make sure he has money in his pocket, not a lot if you don't have a lot but enough to go to the shop for a magazine if he wants without asking, I spend very little to be honest but having a few quid to spend if I want really does help psycologically.

I deal with all family finances so i know the position we are in and I will be well aware if things became desperate and I need to find some way of making money but I wouldn't be impressed if DH suddenly came home and told me out of the blue we were desperate so try and make sure you both know the financial position of your family so that he is aware of when things are getting serious and can act on his own accord.

Good luck with it I have to say I wouldn't want to be in my DH's position trying to do a good job of being supportive of me in our current situation confused

smearedinfood Sun 17-Jul-11 20:49:39

Good points, many thanks.

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