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Am i asking to much

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kenbarlowslovestick Sun 10-Jul-11 22:04:37

i dont no if i am im 40 have a dd of 16 months who is my world i do and have done everything for her my h has partisipated to a certain extent but ive done all feeds[breastfed for 8 months]nearly every nappy,absolutly every bath,feed ext.....he works full time but gets to go to gym 3 nights a week makes his own tea when he gets in goes for a shower then chills watching t.v,goes on hiking holiday to mates in france for a week i go to a chalet down south,he gets pissed into oblivian most weekends,i no he loves dd but i feel so unlovedwe dont sleep in same room and haven,t since dd was born we dont have sex unless hes pissed[he told me i dont do anything for him]i feel he dosen,t get it when i say im so tired i haven,t slept uninterupted for 2 years now,its turned into a competion of who does most,i have to balance all the finances,clean,fix,look after dd i dont no what to do for the best i think i want him to go away but i feel so guilty like im taking him away from his dd and we,re all he has

maleview70 Sun 10-Jul-11 22:13:55

He doesn't sound much of a catch but if you let someone get away with things they will continue

AnyFucker Sun 10-Jul-11 22:17:10

do you really have sex with someone who says "you don't do it for him" ?

really ?

you are all he has ?

then why doesn't he cherish you ?

if he "loses you" then it is all his own fault

why feel sorry for him ? he is a dick of the highest order

kenbarlowslovestick Sun 10-Jul-11 22:23:16

smile thanks anyfucker i really dont no what im playing at i should no better was with a total psycho control freak for 11 years before i finally got away then was single for 6 years and thought i was really strong but guess not,didn,t think i could have children then dd appeared and am so happy with that i think i may be blinded into a make believe happy ending,hes not a terrible man by any means it all just went abit wrong and i cant see how to fix it

AnyFucker Sun 10-Jul-11 22:30:39

to fix it you would have to fix him

trying to fix someone else is a very big mistake

he is a big boy now, and shouldn't have to be shown how to treat some one he is supposed to love and cherish (you do that for 3yo's)

you have dd, that is a wonderful gift

don't stay with a twat in the mistaken idea you will show her a great family won't, all you will show her is that mummy gets treated like shit by daddy

would you like her to grow up thinking that is how relationships work ?

kayah Mon 11-Jul-11 00:12:23

start with having your nights out and him being left in charge of your dd
even if that means you going away to someone close to have quiet evening and a good sleep

ahd truth be told - the likelyhood of this relationship surviving is very low as he doesn't respect you

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