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arghhhhhhhh he is messing my head up

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StupidSexyFlanders Sun 10-Jul-11 16:07:12

A bit of background- when we first got the internet installed at home dp joined some dodgy sites and was caught out talking to girls and flirting a lot.

It was all sorted and done with.

Then he got a bloody blackberry and yesterday I got one for my birthday I was using his phone while his mum was here to add contacts to the BBM app and he seemed really eager to grab it off me then it beeped and a message popped up from a girl asking him if he was enjoying the stag night and that she missed chatting.
DP's hands were visibly shaking when I gave him the bb back and I never mentioned it.
Then today I brought it up and he stared showing me his messages with a friend from work (to prove he wasn't in the wrong hmm). Anyway I scrolled up and he had been chatting about new staff hoping they got a, "Good looking one" and "Here come the girls".

I have told him to go out for a bit it all sounds so stupid wrote down but I'm hurt it wouldn't even occur to me to find ou other men and flirt with them so why does he need to?

He is busy telling me I'm stupid and he hasn't done anything but he has even if it is just flirting online it fucking hurts me and I am so pissed off that he is maiking me feel so rubbish.

ThePopsicleKat Sun 10-Jul-11 16:34:06

How would he feel if he found you to be hiding flirtatious messages to other men online?

He is entitled to talk to other women, of's the fact that he is not being honest about it that is suspicious, if he really believed he was doing nothing wrong (i.e. nothing that would hurt you) then he wouldn't be trying to conceal it.

FabbyChic Sun 10-Jul-11 16:36:02

It is still an emotional relationship and is still cheating.

I'd not put up with it to be honest, you have to decide yourself whether or not your relationship can handle his flirting with other women. It is not right.

He is portraying himself to these women as single, what does that say about how he feels about you

AnyFucker Sun 10-Jul-11 22:45:01

dump him

find a proper man

kayah Mon 11-Jul-11 00:08:20

he is a chancer
as he proven to be addicted to chat

do you have kids together?

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