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In a relationship but feel like a single parent!!!

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needmoremoney Thu 07-Jul-11 16:24:51

I live with my partner, I have 2 youngish children and he has 2 teenages, so it is hard to do things together, for instance at a weekend when we have the kids I will take mine to the zoo or a park, his would rather stay at home on their laptops, which I kind of accept, but even if they are out doing something he doesn't want to come with us as his kids may then get jealous! Now though the holiday thing is annoying me, I'm taking them away on my own, he's having a week off for his kids although he doesn't know what he's going to do with them, if I suggest we all go somewhere together but do our seperate thing he won't have it. My ex (kids dad) is having the children for a week, I thought what a great opportunity to spend a bit of time together or maybe go away, but no he won't take anymore time off, so I will be on my own all week, my friends are all busy with their own family lives or working, so I really feel like I'm a single parent.

I mean when I go places at the weekend they're all families, when I was a single mum I kind of accepted it as thats what I was, but thought one day I would get that family thing again, but I haven't, but is it normal to be like this when you have a blended family with children of different ages? Not sure its really what I want.

buzzsore Thu 07-Jul-11 16:33:28

There are definitely places that would appeal to both age groups, like theme parks and so on. I have my doubts that this lack of willingness to do anything as a family is due to the age gap, because as you've said you could go to the same place and do your own things - the teens could probably go off on their own to a certain extent. i don't think it's normal. I think you may have got a homebody that doesn't want to do anything in your dp.

needmoremoney Thu 07-Jul-11 16:35:25

Hmmm I think you could be right! I don't know anyone else that goes away seperately, well even if it is normal not sure its something I want!

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