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Exhausting relationships with others?

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Snowdropbooks Wed 06-Jul-11 18:09:41

Well ladies, I've just spent 2 hours on MN reading and answering posts. It seems to me as a newbie, that many people are having difficulties with relationships across the board. Why so? What is it that makes getting on and enjoying a peaceful social life so hard? Any thoughts? I am trying to live my life as conflict free and as peaceful as I can, I don't want a battle every time I come into contact with another human. I'm no pushover but I believe in peacemaking and problem solving, I value and respect that not everyone will have the same opinion as I do, and I love that it makes life interesting and varied. Why are people so cross and angry at the world, their friends, their family themselves? What can we do to create peace?

BooBooGlass Wed 06-Jul-11 18:11:51

WHy? Because that's life.

bellamom Wed 06-Jul-11 18:56:16

it is the human condition...

there is possibility for peace, look at Ghandi, HH Dalai Lama, mother theresa, sri ramana Maharashi, but those humans who have reached true peace are few and far between, at the cutting edge of humanity...

it is up to each of us individually to strive for that peace, that perfection in our own lives, otherwise the human world can never change, and we are forever lost in a cycle of conflict and suffering. but truly the work involved to reach that absolute peace is a lifetime's journey and one which only the very few embark on.

if one is on that journey, one also has to bear the pain, suffering and chaos one sees nearly everywhere, in nearly everyone, in nearly every moment.

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