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Fed up

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moaningmama Thu 30-Jun-11 21:06:50

I'm having a really rubbish time lately and am feeling v.low. My husband and I are just not getting on and my two boys (age 8 and 5) just seem to constantly argue, which is really wearing. The little one is making his brother's life hell and I just don't look forward to being with them at the moment as it's just a constant battleground.

I'm working 4 x days a week and am feeling exhausted and completely fed up, plus I just feel so inadequate as a parent. Today was sports day and I know I'm just extra sensitive at the moment, but everyone else just seems to be playing happy families and getting it right. I feel like I'm getting it wrong constantly, particularly as I can't seem to create a happy home environment for my children at the moment, which should be the least I can do for them!

Sorry for sounding so sorry for myself, but just needed to rant!

pickgo Thu 30-Jun-11 21:19:48

consistent boundaries, rewards for good behaviour for little one.

day off, retail therapy? long walk, haircut? for you.

calm talk to clear air with dh?

hope it gets better.

oliviasmama Fri 01-Jul-11 05:42:35

Perhaps your feelings and your rough time with the hubby are being conveyed to your children. Buck up and have a good crack at getting everyone out together this weekend, picnic, walk, bike know the sort of thing. I sense your down so they must do. Chin up chickie.

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