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I'm falling in love with him and cant function sometimes! Advice

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hariboegg Tue 28-Jun-11 10:14:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thenewf Tue 28-Jun-11 17:49:43

Well if I read it correctly you have been separated for two years so you are not rushing into it. Good luck to you. I hope it goes OK

BooBooGlass Tue 28-Jun-11 17:56:00

It's great you've met someone. I also met my dp online. But I took everything with a hefty pinch of salt. I was single for longer than you and tbh it took me a long time to let myself love him. I would say enjoy it, but maybe slow down. Don't put massive expectations on him or the relationship, and whatever you do do not involve your dc at this stage. Keep it to your own time, possibly when the dc are in bed, and nurture your relationship with each other without letting it involve or affect your dc at all. Fwiw, I htink you are in the first rush of love. Being attentive, appreciative etc are exactly how EVERYONE acts when they first start seeing someone. It'll take a while befor eyou truly know each other.

geraldinetheluckygoat Tue 28-Jun-11 18:05:49

ah good luck and enjoy it! I hope it works out for you, how brilliant!

AnyFucker Tue 28-Jun-11 21:52:18

Are you actually asking for advice of just wanting to share your excitement and joy ? smile

I posted on your previous threads and said what I wanted to say which was "fgs, slow down"

but it seems you are still going at breakneck speed so all that remains is for people to wish you all the best and that we are happy if you are happy

I sincerely hope it works out for you, your love (lust ? infatuation ?) for him is palpable from here ! grin

Lizzabadger Tue 28-Jun-11 22:54:23

Sorry to be the voice of doom but you can't know that someone is the man of your dreams after a few weeks. You are right to recognise that you are vulnerable. Be careful.

aurynne Tue 28-Jun-11 22:58:42

Have you met this man in person? It is not very clear on your message.

You don't really know a person until you have been with that person for at least 1 year. At the beginning, you only know the part of the person he is showing to you. Never forget that.

AnyFucker Tue 28-Jun-11 23:03:42

she has been warned on her previous thread.....

does no harm to hear it again though smile

Monty27 Tue 28-Jun-11 23:07:22

Pulls up chair and listens to sage advice proffered to OP.

Can relate to this Haribo (in a new relationship since March and shit scared because I'm totally infatuated in love with him but cynical enough to be very afraid.... and watching).

I'm not threadjacking but I'm thinking go with it but then I'm thinking oh god I couldn't bear it if it went pearshaped. confused

Anniegetyourgun Wed 29-Jun-11 10:11:36

Nobody wants to be all doom and gloom when you're having a fantastic time. You're owed a bit of happiness after what you've been through. There are posters on here who went all out with a new boyfriend from Day 1 and can tell us after x years of happy marriage that it really was as good as it seemed. However, there are also posters who were convinced they'd found The One only to come a horrible cropper. Don't allow yourself to be blinded by love, however good it is; keep an eye out for those red flags. If there aren't any, great, you have indeed found a good'un - they certainly do exist! But if you find yourself bargaining away certain behaviours because the rest of it is so good, stop, think, take a step back and see the wood as well as the trees.

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