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Dating - he called, we talked, no date????

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whathappendsnext Fri 24-Jun-11 09:46:43

I have been chatting with a man online and we asked for my number and called me last night.
We were on the phone for about 40 minuites and had a nice chat.
He asked if i worked weekends, which i said i didnt and he said that was good.

Phone call finished up and no date had been set.

I must have bombed somehow, dont you think?

niceguy2 Fri 24-Jun-11 09:53:57

Either that or he wussed out of asking. Neither sounds like a good sign.

LittleBlueBoat Fri 24-Jun-11 09:57:25

txt and ask him on a date if you really like him?

TobyLerone Fri 24-Jun-11 10:01:36

Maybe he didn't want to push you too fast.

SpareOhs Fri 24-Jun-11 10:03:48

Not necessarily. I'm with LBB - text him and ask if he'd like to chat again, this time over a real-life coffee/beer!

But only text once and, if he doesn't reply positively (i.e. with a time and a place!), forget it and move on.

LittleBlueBoat Fri 24-Jun-11 10:04:56

I agree only txt once.

whathappendsnext Fri 24-Jun-11 10:13:40

maybe. He did ask about weekends, and then not thinking i said i what i was doing this evening and then tomorrow. So i am busy- but then doesnt that make me seem interesting and like i have a life?

I dont know, there was lots of laughing. But i cant for the life of me remember how it ended, other than him saying something like i have his number now too and good luck for his big important meeting thing tomorrow.

I supose i could text ONCE later and say i hope it had gone ok?

LittleBlueBoat Fri 24-Jun-11 10:18:48

I would ask about meeting first and if he replys ask him what he is doing next weekend?

LittleBlueBoat Fri 24-Jun-11 10:19:19

Sorry his important work meeting first.

SpareOhs Fri 24-Jun-11 10:25:21

I would say hope meeting went well etc etc, do you fancy a drink next week? (or words to that effect).

choux Fri 24-Jun-11 21:27:39

What Littleblueboat said - text to see if his big meeting went well and if/when he replies say 'Well done, enjoyed chatting last night, maybe we can do it over a glass of wine next week?'

Text once and ask for a date. If you don't get a result, move on but don't think that it means you did anything wrong. He could be a timewaster, hideously ugly, married, anything.

gawdonbennett Sat 25-Jun-11 13:07:02

Or he could have a few on the go at the moment. You did meet online after all and that's kinda how it works.

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