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I've moaned enough so gona say something nice re MIL

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freddy05 Wed 22-Jun-11 15:06:14

My MIL has been the bain of my life for most of the time I've had children and for the last year, while i was pregnant and after DD2 was born I've had very little to do with her because if it's not all about her she has to ruin it.


She came to visit today to see DD2, only 5th time in 9 months, she was here over 2 hours was very polite had great fun playing with DD2 and we got to talk through a few things and she really seemed to be listening to what i had to say. I know that DD2 isn't old enough to be effected by some of the things she says which is why i invited her here when DD1 was at nursery but i hope this might just be the start of improved relations. I know I felt this way a few years ago once MIL got over DD1 being born but hopefully IF we decide to have anymore we might not have to go through this rubbish again. (she had very difficult pregnancies and seems to feel that her kids should be grateful they are alive. She also believes that any babies born are hers and all decisions have to be ok'd by her)

I'm hoping life might just get better from here.

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