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feeling sad

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ike1 Sun 19-Jun-11 18:39:27

its fathers day. Split up with the father of my kids 18mnths ago. Found out he had been cheating for 5 years. Loved the person I thought he was, never aware of his cheating until I discovered the texts.

Finished 1st year of degree on fri, and have been seeing new man for 9 months. He can be very loving but seems to have no truck with any emotional outbursts from me. Really wanted someone to show that they cared this weekend. Nothing from new man. Feel so sad today. Kids with ex, new man with his dad, just me alone crying. I try so hard to take care of everything but sometimes it feels noone cares for me. No family. Feeling sorry for myself. Thats it really...

HerHissyness Sun 19-Jun-11 18:52:08

You are grieving for what could have been, it's normal.

tbh your boyfriend is being a bit of an arse. it's still so recent and you didn't really have the time to heal before meeting this new man. You went through a real shock and trauma and have not been able to process it fully.

I think you ought to look hard at this new bloke and see what he really does offer you in a tangible supportive way.

for someone to be so cold and leave you alone, and not permit you to have feelings, is really shit. I don't think this guy is a 'keeper'.

ike1 Sun 19-Jun-11 18:59:04

mmm. Yeh probably right. Dont think he is. I suppose I can be a bit of a handful at times emotionally and he just doesnt know how to handle it. Just having a wallow today. Life is so full on 3 & 7 year olds full time degree. Suppose I just fell apart this weekend cos I can iyswim? Ah well. Life is a bit disappointing at times. Thanks for the reply tho x

barbiegrows Sun 19-Jun-11 23:47:57

Any reason why you didn't go with new man to his father's? I hope there's a good one anyway - that's where you should be, surely?

Chin up girl, it's only once a year. They'll be back with you on mother's day.

MilkandWine Sun 19-Jun-11 23:58:44

Sorry you are feeling so down but I totally agree with herhissyness re your new boyfriend. Your words 'Very loving but has no truck with emotional outbursts from me' is worrying. It's another way of saying 'gives affection on his own terms' and that is not a good thing.

Even if he doesnt know how to handle you emotionally a decent man will always make a go of trying. Even if he makes a pigs ear out of it!

Hope you are feeling better soon. Well done with the degree though, to soldier on with that even through so much sh**e shows what a strong person you are. Chin up and be kind to yourself.

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