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not the worlds best dad

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blackeyedsusan Sat 18-Jun-11 16:51:56

I looked at it, I put it in the trolley, I had to put it back on the shelf, I just could not buy something that said worlds best dad... you haven't really come close this year... endangering your childrens lives by thumping their mother in the head whilst you are driving disqualifies you from having anything with worlds best dad on it this year...

TinyBubbles Sat 18-Jun-11 19:02:28

Totally justified. I would think any father's day recognition has been forfeited by that sort of behaviour shock

On a lighter note I often feel that there should be some Fathers Day cards that are more suitably worded for the mediocre fathers...most of them probably recognise the years they have been a bit crap and saying "world's best dad" etc when it is plainly not true is rather patronising and empty. "Well done for trying" "Doing your best" etc all have a place imo!!

mumof4sons Sat 18-Jun-11 19:11:31

I want one for the kids that says "thanks for being there every other weekend, and btw we are tired of McDonalds"

TinyBubbles Sat 18-Jun-11 19:13:11

maybe you could make one on mumof4 i'm sure he would appreciate the attention to detail and personalisation grin

corlan Sat 18-Jun-11 19:16:25

I posted this link on the lone parents board for those of us who didn't feel comfortable getting a 'best dad' card.

My new favourite is 'I hope your Father's Day is even more relaxing than every other day of your highly sedentary existence'.

Pingpong Sat 18-Jun-11 19:48:39

I think the makers of Father's Day cards need a rocket up their arse. The selection available is dire. I struggled to find anything suitable to give from a 3yo and a 1yo.
I do like some of the suggestions above though grin

CarGirl Sat 18-Jun-11 21:41:30

Ha ha

I so struggled to find one for my Dad that wasn't gushing etc. I did manage to find one that simply said "happy fathers day".

It seems to be a forgotton market!

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