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Smears, Cervical Lumps, Hpv, Genital wats. Eeek! Just like to hear the words of a real person not google.

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eek229 Sun 05-Jun-11 12:42:28

Hello. I posted the below on another topic but guessing it may actually belong on here since no want wants to talk to me lol.

I have name changed as am TTC and on a thread or two across there. First post else where so please be gentle not sure if this belongs on here or relationships actually

I / Dp have found a lump on my cervix, so started googling and have gotten myself rather confused. Not much came up other then cervical cancer and genital warts. My inital thought was 'I've been vaccinated for cervical cancer and i was screened before we got together (all negative)'. However have read that you can have the HPV virus and it lay dormant for years without knowing. This obviously got me thinking. About 6 months ago noticed 2 small red spot kind of things on the head of dp's penis. Not major, kind of flat, not oozing puss etc, but mentioned it to him and he said it was fine. Suppose im thinking now that this could have been a bit naive of me (but after all i 1. dont have a penis 2. havent really studied to many of them either so dont really no what is normal or not) and that maybe these are genital warts. So if they are genital warts could this have then been past to me and caused the lump on my cervix. However i do not have any warts/lumps etc on my bits?

So i will be of to the doc's on monday but i have never dealt with anything like this before or ever had a smear as im not 25 yet so have a few questions.

Will i be ok to see the nurse or will it have to be the doctor, as they will ask if i can see the nurse instead? I guess im going to ask for a smear test as im currently crapping myself tbh with all the stuff ive read on cancer, but will they give me one as im under 25? Or will the lump be reason enough for me to have one? If i can have one how quickly will it be done? When ive read things it says the smear will pick up changes in what ever it tests. Does this mean you have to have had one previously to pick up anything bad. For example if i have one and i have got HPV/abnormal cells (or whatever it is im abit confused by the whole thing) will it think that this is normal as its my first one.

Sorry starting to ramble i think. Thankyou so much for any posts in advance.

tadpoles Sun 05-Jun-11 12:54:43

I didn't realise that they didn't do smear tests until age 25. That is quite strange given that they are recommending a vaccine for teengers. I am quite curious as to why you have had the vaccine though, - I thought that it was only teens and not recommended for older people?

I would ask for a smear test asap you can make an appointment via GP and there are also health centres where they do this. Also recommend partner is checked out too.

eek229 Sun 05-Jun-11 13:21:38

thanks for replying.

The Vaccine program started after i had left school but was still at college. I asked about it then recieved a letter from the docs to go for it.

Im guessing all the school ages girls had the vaccine and they still had some left over maybe but id say 90% of the girls from my social group have had the vaccine so maybe it just differs depending where you live

jenniec79 Sun 05-Jun-11 13:27:52

See the GP but make a double appointment so you have time for a smear. Tell the receptionist that you need to see the doctor, not the nurse - nurse may be great at smears but won't recognise everything that this could be. They may still make you rebook with the nurse for your smear, as not all GP's do enough smears these days to stay good at them - there's a trick to it! - but the nurse who does them will do loads every week and be the resident expert as it were!

Or I'd actually be tempted to say go to the GUM clinic as they will definately be able to do it all as a 1 stop thing.

whatatip Sun 05-Jun-11 13:52:41

Yes I'd say GUM too so at least you know you'll get it all done and there's no risk of having to make another appointment with the nurse.
I had a wart on my cervix and I think they picked it up by having a wipe around with something that made it show up white or something (it was so very long ago now). I am pretty sure I didn't have warts externally.

Eurostar Sun 05-Jun-11 15:50:50

Are you sure that you have found a lump? The cervix feels lumpy in a sense. When beeing taught to use a cap for contraception years ago they would teach you to find the bit that felt like the tip of a nose and make sure it was covered.

Meanwhile, try not to worry, it won't help and stop googling. It is usually the nurse that does the smear tests at the GP. They should invite you automatically at 25 but if this hasn't happened then you can ask when you book the appointment for the nurse.

I would also go to a GUM clinic too for a screening, they will be more thorough for other possible infections.

If you saw red spots that disappeared on your partner's penis, unlikely to have been warts. If they reoccur, that is something for concern as it could be herpes. Ask if him the spots are reoccuring.

Good luck. Step away from Google now!

loopylou6 Sun 05-Jun-11 16:23:01

It could just be a cervical polyp?

eek229 Sun 05-Jun-11 17:03:54

eurostar Yeah no its definatly a small round raised lump and wasnt there maybe a week or so ago. There still there but havent got bigger, redder etc or changed. I agree that will be the way forward and will get myself to doc's tmz

loopylou I guess it could be but its just got me worried now thinking of the 2 red spot things on dp.

Thanks for the advice.

FruitbatAuntie Mon 06-Jun-11 08:11:00

I have a hard lump on my cervix, it's been there for years but I had a good old panic when I found it initially.

My GP referred my to a gynae at the hospital. I was told it was just a cyst, and that they are very common, harmless, and sometimes disappear by themselves, sometimes don't but no treatment required.

Just to reassure you, it may not be something awful...

chacey14 Mon 04-Jul-11 01:20:08

i also felt that i have a small lump. i went to see the doctor and she told me that i have genital warts. i am now using a cream called oxyfend zerowarts ( my warts are improving.

fridakahlo Mon 04-Jul-11 01:29:43

chacey14 was just wandering why they have given you a cream? is it because it's on your cervix?
If not freezing is painful but over in moments.

EasyLife92 Mon 04-Jul-11 13:38:34

hey eek229 , i've had genital warts , there very easily treated with anitboicitc and a cream , no freezing invovled unless you have an idiot for a doctor! or the cream doesn't work , but its strong stuff. i have no idea to this day where mine came from(none of my partners ever had visable warts), but they can lie dormant for years after doing some research into it. i suspect i'd had it a while because they also discovered i had PID , so don't panic smile its treatable and get that dp to the docs too!

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