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OK, new beginnings, new thread, it WAS right to serve divorce papers!

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Wisedupwoman Thu 26-May-11 19:34:35

I asked the question - Am I right to serve the divorce papers on my chameleon-like but definitely cheating, lying, cruel and manipulative STBXH. You all said "YES". So I have. The story continues.........

Wisedupwoman Thu 26-May-11 19:36:28

Couldn't continue posting on my much loved thread. So here we are, one glass of Pinot down the hatch and another to follow immediately. DD is celebrating with glass of cloudy lemonage (whatever floats her boat IMO).

Wisedupwoman Thu 26-May-11 19:37:46

lemonade, even. god, after one glass I'm losing control of the keyboard.

caramelwaffle Thu 26-May-11 19:41:56

<thumbs up emoticom>

Alldownhillnow Thu 26-May-11 19:47:03

lemonage sounds very upmarket! Lemonade for the celebrating classes!

This is going to be another excellent thread. New job, new thread... new... handbag! (of course wink)

mumthetaxi Thu 26-May-11 19:52:23

its the start of something new and I bet you feel bloody brilliant that you did it all by yourself!!! yay! nothing beats it eh? I've achieved more in the last 11 months than I have in the last 11 years tbh. congratulations, set an extra alarm clock for tomorrow morning and go for it! ps. having read through the thread last night, I had similar issues regarding XH reluctance to redirect his post. devised a very effective solution by enlisting the errr, "input" of our cat, not for those with a delicate constitution but flamin norah it didnt half work a treat! enjoy your moment tonight xx

Dozer Thu 26-May-11 20:25:25

Good one wisey, think some virtual cake (red velvet flavour, multi-layered with lots of buttery icing) should be passed round to to go with the lemonage, mmmm. Wish could have wine, but still feeding dd2 and she is sick whenever I drink, pah.

Hi Mumthetaxi, sorry about your ex. you sound like you are turning quite outrageous and liberated!

Dozer Thu 26-May-11 20:28:22

Argh, hadn't seen the other thread, just seen that you got the job! Hurray! Congratulations!

MigratingCoconuts Thu 26-May-11 20:31:53

wine and more wine !!!

Glad to know what your new thread is. I'm away for a while (holiday...yippee!!) so i am pleased I know where to find you and catch up when I get back.

I loved what you wrote about something good finally happening and something you made happen. That was a really truely lovely thing to read.

Go wisey!!

ChippingIn Thu 26-May-11 20:39:47

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! See - we told you that you'd be FAB and they'd be foolish not to choose you!!! Well done smile

Definitely keep this under wraps for as long as possible smile When you do you start? Try to get all the financial stuff signed asap so you don't actually have to lie about it.

Good about the SOL too.

ChippingIn Thu 26-May-11 20:41:05

winewinewinewinewine[lemsip]wine[lemsip] snuffle. I think I have man-flu???

Saffysmum Thu 26-May-11 20:47:30

{Checking in and finding a comfy chair in the corner}

TimeForMeIsFree Thu 26-May-11 20:48:58

Congratulations on your new job smile

You seem to be going from strength to strength. Keep it up! x

MigratingCoconuts Thu 26-May-11 21:03:45

<hands saffy one of the many wine glasses laying around, and a plate of nibbles>

mumthetaxi Thu 26-May-11 21:10:12

Saffysmum... and you seemed such a nice girl too. oh well, at least they are going up now, about time too really. yes I am an ipswich supporter for my sins! mind you dont trip over my XH in St Stephens Street hehe! Went to school and city college there. OW has relocated there too from the other end of the country and about to start work there too. they met at a conference apparently, its all sooo predictable really!

I cant tell you all how wonderful it has been to make contact with all you lovely people in the same (rocky) boat. Thank you for being so lovely and supportive. Its not easy but when you can see the high times outweighing the lows, you feel you are turning a corner? x

MigratingCoconuts Thu 26-May-11 21:17:44

<hands chipping a hanky and a hot water bottle...>

Wisedupwoman Thu 26-May-11 21:49:19

Hey and hellooooooo!!!

bit pissed now. <laughs at self and doesn't worry to much about speling>

Fucking hell, I've got a new job, and we're celebrating. here, Chips dump the lemsip and have some champagne (that took many tries to spell btw).

OMG. Put some music on someone, and i'll dance round my (new) handbag.

ChippingIn Thu 26-May-11 21:51:51

LOL smile

Oh go on then!


Wisedupwoman Thu 26-May-11 21:52:06

Ever tried to 'help' someone who has gcse RE tomorrow when you've got wine wine wine on board?

Alldownhillnow Thu 26-May-11 21:56:43

According to the last thread some of us here have (fond) memories of bopping around to Tiger Feet but a my DD seems to already have Lady Gaga's new CD word perfect and the club mix of Born this way is buzzing around in my head. If I tell her she'll think im a total saddo.

wine picked up a cheeky red tonight (at the Spar!!) and am on to my second glass. <cheers>

MigratingCoconuts Thu 26-May-11 21:58:32

<puts on 'walking on sunshine' by katrina and the waves...loudly>

Wisedupwoman Thu 26-May-11 22:20:04

<retreats to virtual bar, dizzy from dancing>

Are there any crisps left? i'm starving.

shall we go for something to eat or drink more?

Alldownhillnow Thu 26-May-11 22:26:23

errrr... let me think about that... drink more! grin

bleedingstill Thu 26-May-11 22:30:45

hip horray!

Inertia Thu 26-May-11 22:35:45

Delurking Wisey to congratulate you on getting the job-fantastic! Whenever I read through your thread you sound so in control and generally sorted, and so much happier and surrounded by love than your STBX- you remind me of that old joke about losing 14 stone of unnecessary weight by divorcing him.

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