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Pinkhair..what do I do?......This is what I done update!!!

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pinkhair Tue 12-Apr-11 19:53:05

Hello everyone well what can I say.....Me and my DS have a new house and my DS has a new mum, I am a completely different person to what I was before, I have had the chance of starting again and I took it with both hands. I have been to councelling which was part of the support group in my area to do with womens aid and wow how fantastic is that, i'm now doing the next 12 week course as well. I've also had councelling from a private counsellor which has helped me so much. My DS has settled down at school now too, and getting used to the idea of two houses etc. I am such a strong person now and so positive too, I have a new house, its the way I want it, changed my hair colour, brought a whole new wardrobe of clothes, and put my others at the charity shop. PHBF has been so supportive and again always there when I have a little blip. I will keep you all update through out xx:-D

merrywidow Tue 12-Apr-11 19:57:51


Doha Tue 12-Apr-11 20:00:00

Oh well done pink. You are an inspiration to others and a role model for others in a similar situation.
High five ti PHBF you are lucky to have such support.
What do we call you now. blondehair baldheid yellowbarnet smile

pinkhair Tue 12-Apr-11 20:06:29

Sexy brunette ;-) lol

lazarusb Tue 12-Apr-11 20:24:40

Good for you. Enjoy your new life to the full smile

perfumedlife Tue 12-Apr-11 20:26:16

What a fantastic post! Well done Sexy brunette wink Upwards and onwards. x

HerHissyness Tue 12-Apr-11 20:42:11

Well done love!! great to hear it! The energy and happiness is just leaping off the page!

DontGoCurly Tue 12-Apr-11 21:13:36

Thanks for the update! I lurked on your original thread and stayed up all night reading it. It was so brilliant when you got out!

Just wanted to say, you're an inspiration and your best friend is a LEGEND !

xx Curly

garlicbutter Tue 12-Apr-11 23:59:19

Oh, I'm so proud of you - and DS, and PHBF

Thanks you very much for your update - well done! x
<namechanged but was on your other threads>

pinkhair Wed 13-Apr-11 06:44:12

Thanks for all your lovely messages, I felt so good that I came out the other end a much better person I had to let you all know what a difference having loads of support on here has made to me. :-Dxx

EggyFucker Wed 13-Apr-11 07:25:21

So very glad to hear your update x

MigratingCoconuts Wed 13-Apr-11 08:57:05

Eggy!! is that you grin

EggyFucker Wed 13-Apr-11 13:28:21

yes, it's Eggy grin

MigratingCoconuts Wed 13-Apr-11 17:08:27

I had wondered where you had got to!!!!!

EggyFucker Wed 13-Apr-11 17:09:00

I have been here

TurnipCake Wed 13-Apr-11 17:48:56

Brilliant pinkhair! I am absolutely chuffed for you, you sound so happy

HerHissyness Wed 13-Apr-11 19:18:14

Eggy, are you by any chance a mahogany-coloured egg?

EggyFucker Wed 13-Apr-11 19:26:15

I am a chocolate egg

MigratingCoconuts Wed 13-Apr-11 19:34:11

with a soft centre and a poor taste in ex-wives...

Pink, I meangt to add my congratulations too! I remember the thread and its lovely getting updates, especially happy ones smile

WhenwillIfeelnormal Wed 13-Apr-11 21:54:31

Wonderful to read this update pinkhair! So typically thoughtful of you to start this thread too. It was a long journey, but once you started to see what others could see and fortunately what the wonderful PHBF was able to endorse from her "on the scene" perspective, the only way was up.

I am especially delighted to read that your little DS is more settled. You should be so proud that you put him first and gave him the right to a happy childhood.

pinkhair Thu 14-Apr-11 00:08:14

Wwifn... I do feel proud at what I have done for my DS, I keep telling myself that I had a chance to change my situation and give my DS a better life and I done it. And what a difference it has made to him, and to me too. I have hopefully broke the chain and when my DS grows up he will know how to treat a women unlike his dad.

pinkhair Fri 15-Apr-11 22:55:58

Thank you all ladies for your lovely kind comments :-) xx

issey6cats Sun 17-Apr-11 12:48:11

well done i remember how crushed you wqere in your first post onwards and upwards from now on xxx

pinkhair Fri 08-Jul-11 15:12:07

Hi All, just a follow up update on my new life, my DS has the support from family solutions and he is doing really well, he has adjusted to his new life really well. I now have a new man in my life, and my DS loves him, he is a fantastic role model for him, and great support for me, i never knew what it was like to have a normal family life......i do now though, thanks again to everyone. smile

AnyF Fri 08-Jul-11 16:09:47


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