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My boyfriend and i have split up

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fairyfly Mon 03-Oct-05 20:24:48

If anyone needs some advice on totally messing up relationships please cat me. I am perfecting the art.

popsycal Mon 03-Oct-05 20:25:37

oh no....

WideWebWitch Mon 03-Oct-05 20:26:19

Oh no ff, I thought he was nice? What happened?

LilacLotus Mon 03-Oct-05 20:26:33


SherlockLGJ Mon 03-Oct-05 20:27:29

Aw sweetheart I have to go and have supper,but will check back.

Is it just a blip ??

fairyfly Mon 03-Oct-05 20:30:52

He is wonderful i love him dearly but......

I was starting to crave for more commitment and really starting to see us as a family.
My boys are completely falling for him.
Last night we had a big chat and i said i wanted commitment and to know we had a future.
Basically he wont commit and never wants to live with a woman.
I gave him an ultimatum.
We split up.

Munchkinola Mon 03-Oct-05 20:32:42

Oh hun xxxx

ggglimpopo Mon 03-Oct-05 20:34:40

Message withdrawn

Tinker Mon 03-Oct-05 20:34:44

Oh, no ff.

SenoraBruja Mon 03-Oct-05 20:35:05

oh b*llocks

fairyfly Mon 03-Oct-05 20:36:01

I did have to do it, for the sake of my kids and i.

Still feel really upset though. I miss him already.

lilibet Mon 03-Oct-05 20:36:43

oh sweetie - was really hoping that this wasn't going to be you

twirlaround Mon 03-Oct-05 20:36:57

You did the right thing for you & the kids & better now than later - roll on the next one I say

GeraldGiraffe Mon 03-Oct-05 20:37:41

ff, i think you did the right thing by giving him an ultimatum as you needed to know now. Your kids are starting to become attached and it is ridiculous to think that you would never want to move on with your relationship.
plus he calls me by a rude nickname

Earlybird Mon 03-Oct-05 20:38:26

What a hard situation. I'm so sorry. But, I think you've done the right thing. I spent almost 5 years trying to change someone's mind about making a commitment. He kept telling me he loved me, but didn't want to commit and I kept ignoring his words as I was sure he would change. He didn't change.

Good for you for having the courage to say what you wanted, and for giving yourself the chance of having it with someone....though, sadly, it looks as if it won't be your boyfriend. I admire you for your strength.

WideWebWitch Mon 03-Oct-05 20:38:50

Oh in that case I don't blame you. If it's any consolation, dp and I went through a similar ish thing, he said the same, no committment, I wanted the whole deal and 2 months later he came round.

fairyfly Mon 03-Oct-05 20:43:17

What a mess, he was my friend before all this.

Won't be going back to that for a while.

He came round before and it took all my strength not to touch him and say, oh nevermind, something is better than nothing.

The he left and i soap opera sobbed, i need to be electricuted every time i fall in love so i stop doing it.

fairyfly Mon 03-Oct-05 20:46:38

Ahh, some hope to cling onto www, thanks.

Is it true that if its love everything works out and if not well then you didn't need it?

JoolsToo Mon 03-Oct-05 20:49:04

Oh No! what a shame - last I heard he was babysitting while you went to ballet! I thought it was all going so well.

So sorry!

LadyCodofCodford Mon 03-Oct-05 20:49:37

oh ff i am sorry

fairyfly Mon 03-Oct-05 20:50:47

It never came to fruition Jules, i think he said yes as he knew he couldn't really say no. But i could tell he didn't really want to commit to that even so didn't push it.

misdee Mon 03-Oct-05 20:51:39

i'm sorry to hear this

LadyCodofCodford Mon 03-Oct-05 21:03:08

oh god NO you lot she musnt split
she was pressuising him and she has only been tiwith him fro 2 seconds

LadyCodofCodford Mon 03-Oct-05 21:03:28

stop naggin ghim oyu old witch ff

fairyfly Mon 03-Oct-05 21:03:55

I'll think you'll find it's been 8 seconds actually

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