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Are you the 'straying' type?

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Mo2 Fri 22-Aug-03 17:40:59

Don't want to cause upset or offence to anyone currently going through breakups/ relationship difficulties, but there's an interesting questionnaire on the BBC website which is designed to assess the likelihood of you having an affair... hmmm... gave me food for thought - anyone willing to disclose their scores??

Have a look at here

Angiel Fri 22-Aug-03 17:51:04

Well I'm medium risk apparently. I can't imagine ever cheating on anyone though, I couldn't live with the guilt.

hmb Fri 22-Aug-03 17:53:33

5/20! And their summation of my personality type was quite accurate I think.

SimonHoward Fri 22-Aug-03 17:57:06

Oh dear.

I scored 11 out of 20.

I'd better not start flirting with M2T again

SamboM Fri 22-Aug-03 18:02:19

12!! I've never been unfaithful to anyone in my life!!

3GirlsMum Fri 22-Aug-03 18:03:49

I got 10/20..medium risk...but I dont think the description is accurate! Mo2 you never said what yours

princesspeahead Fri 22-Aug-03 18:19:34

7. low end of medium risk. mind you if I cheated on dh with anyone I know who it would be with, so relatively easy not to, IYKWIM!

Jenie Fri 22-Aug-03 18:31:59

Scored 8 I don't know how great that is but hey it's relativly safe. Don't think I'll tell dp though.

Girly Fri 22-Aug-03 18:33:38

Scored 9, pretty boring really

WideWebWitch Fri 22-Aug-03 18:49:27

I got a 7 too. Hmm, not sure it's accurate.

sobernow Fri 22-Aug-03 19:46:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lindy Fri 22-Aug-03 20:01:14

Low risk - 3/20, am I goody two shoes? However, having known the agony of my DH having an affair (we have stayed together - but not easy) I guess my answers are constrained by that.

batey Fri 22-Aug-03 20:10:34

Lindy, I was a 3/20 too. But like you suffered with an affair in a long term relationship many moons ago (not dh) and know how much it hurts.

lou33 Fri 22-Aug-03 20:19:11

Spacemonkey got 14 and I got 13. It is totally wrong for me of course.

Mo2 Fri 22-Aug-03 20:43:54

OK - seeing as you've all been so honest.. I got 11, but I can't really believe I'd ever do anything (which is what it says I suppose!)

twiglett Fri 22-Aug-03 21:01:19

message withdrawn

bloss Fri 22-Aug-03 23:30:59

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Sat 23-Aug-03 00:05:29

Apparently i am medium risk..i did ALOT of things i now regret before i had DD but like to think that from the moment she was born.i changed. I sound so self righteous but it's true. the things i did before fill me with horror now i have a daughter,,,,,,,,

lilibet Sat 23-Aug-03 02:12:03

I scored 4, but if I had done the questionnaire a few years back I would have scored a lot higher and I did have an affair, but would never ever risk what I have with dp by even looking at another man. I now always behave as if would if he were there with me, that does make it sound a bit stuck up and boring but its not.

doormat Sat 23-Aug-03 09:16:40

I scored 11 out of 20, a high risk of promiscurity.

And why maybe its because I like horror movies and sometimes play practical jokes on people.

Sorry but I would never cheat on my dh.
Sean Bean that would be a tuffy though

jac34 Sat 23-Aug-03 10:22:34

I'm a medium risk, did quite agree with the analysis, in that I would not risk my relationship.
Also happen to be maddly in love with DH and would never cheat.

nerdgirl Sat 23-Aug-03 11:05:22

Scored 6 but totally agree with you about Sean, Doormat.

nerdgirl Sat 23-Aug-03 11:08:05

Would love to know the link between sleeping with the light on and having an affair. Any theories?

lou33 Sat 23-Aug-03 11:36:40

I thought some of the questions quite bizarre. I've been with dh for 15 years and never been unfaithful btw.

Chinchilla Sat 23-Aug-03 18:34:37

I scored 9. Medium risk.

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