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Question for the Brave Babes

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fizzfiend Sun 12-Sep-10 15:34:06

Hello...I am not quite ready to give up drinking yet, so I hope it is okay to ask this question of you all. But my bf and I have got into a habit of basing our dates around drinking. We are both very good at drinking, mixing drinks and not falling over. But I know it is not real life and it is not healthy.

So I would love some ideas on things to do that don't involve drinking. Just writing that sounds crazy. But I want us to have fun...not just sit around and read books (!) or go to the movies/theatre for every date.

I would really love to know what you all do for fun. I want some of it and I think he does too.

Thanks so much for listening.

fizzfiend Sun 12-Sep-10 18:27:40

Please give me some date ideas without booze!! Thx

Dizzydollybird Mon 13-Sep-10 13:42:47

Hi Fizz,
I'm a lurker to the Battle Bus thread but stopped drinking 4 years ago, I met DH in AA so only ever dated sober.
We were lucky, we were in London so really spoilt for choice for things to do but my favourites were science museum, british museum, open top bus bus, national portrait gallery, markets (Camden, Spitalfields), food fairs, fun fairs, go karting, bowling...

I know this list reads like a kids dream holiday (apart from museums;))but I really had no fun drinking and went wild when I stopped, me and DH are still big kids at heart, off to Alton Towers soon, so excited!!

What about looking out for local flyers/newspapers for more unusual theatre/music productions or how about an evening class, learn something new together, cooking, languages, something creative. Currently thinking pottery for me but DH doesn't want to do a 'Ghost' scene, sigh!

Good luck x

RedMoomin Mon 13-Sep-10 13:56:18

Hello fizz!

Even if you are not ready or sure about giving up booze at the moment feel free to come and post on the thread!

I think that dizzy has given you loads of great ideas. The great thing about not drinking is that you will have more money to do other things! I really appreciate getting out for walks in the countryside - or going to the cinema. These are things I couldn't be bothered with when I was drinking.

Hopefully some of the other Babes will be along with ideas!

Best of luck to you whatever you decide x

Dizzydollybird Mon 13-Sep-10 15:27:28

Oh yeah - had forgotten having muchos spare cash, it was lovely to fill up the car with fuel (was always skint) and drive off (was always p*ssed) to any old place just for a nose around.

There are a lot of simple pleasures to be had if you just don't bother drinking for a day x

fizzfiend Mon 13-Sep-10 18:57:21

thank you all...I especially like the idea of markets and bowling. In London too so I should have more imagination really!

I liked the idea of being able to drive places too..such a pain having to take cabs/public transport everywhere.

Wish me luck!

Mouseface Mon 13-Sep-10 19:06:32

Good luck fizz.

I'd say plan your day away from places that you can easily get booze from.

The desert may be a good starting point! wink

If you plan more, then you are more likely to follow it through. Treat yourself to nice days out with the money you'll save on cabs, booze etc.

I love some of the suggestions above. Just do something different so that you are'nt in the cycle you are now.

Good luck smile

venusandmars Mon 13-Sep-10 20:02:37

Hi fizz, I don;t suppose knitting was the answer you were looking for grin

I'd say that as well as activities, what about planning eating that is away from your normal booze haunts e.g. a themed picnic - indian snacks and ginger beer (non-alcoholic), a cold, blustery day at the beach with some ccokies and a thermos of hot chocolate, a midnight picnic in a park with teeny tiny salmon and cucmuber sandwiches, strawberries, and fizzy elderflower juice.

Oh and did you ever read the part of threads where we talked about how good it is to make love totally sober? blush grin

jesuswhatnext Mon 13-Sep-10 21:11:49

i second venus!!

venusandmars Mon 13-Sep-10 22:35:54

Just in case you were wondering 'ccokies' was a typo for 'cookies', not some quaint Brave-Babes word for penis grin grin

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