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my mil is staying this weekend, aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh

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juice Mon 22-Aug-05 12:05:40

we are having dd 1sy birthday party on saturday and dh has agreed to let his mum stay the night. she was suppose to be staying with my sil but her plans have changed and her grown up kids are coming to stay with her so she wont have the room for mil.

when dh and i were talking about the party we agreed that we would leave all the presents til opening on the sunday with just the 3 of us. so dd can have a wee bit of time with each gift and i can write down what she got from who and so i can send out thank you's. now i dont want this to change. but the mil will probably want her to open them all in front of her, but i want it to stay the way me and dh agreed.

i know mil will try but i am going to try and put my foot down. she made us open all our wedding presents last year so she could see. dh was so drunk he didnt know what he has opening. it was a shambles. and thast why i just want it to be the 3 of us opening dd presents the following day in peace and quiet. otherwise everything will get opened all at once and i will miss what she got from who.

am i being unreasonable?

the mil is an interfereing old bag too and she will probably be telling dh what to do. she did at our wedding reception, telling him who he should be speaking to.

i am dreading it, but i am going to try make it a great day for my dd who will be 1, 1 already, i cant believe it.

thanks for listening to my rant.

mememum Mon 22-Aug-05 12:09:13

No you are right! Most MIL are wrong! You stick to your guns! Don't let the old bat win! I can sympathise with you in case you hadn't noticed.

As for your DD being 1 - time flies when you're having fun!

emily05 Mon 22-Aug-05 12:09:41

juice - I know exactly what you mean. We have this problem every birthday and christmas. People want to see him open his presents - so he doesnt actually have a special day he has to open them as we see people (which could be days before)

We also have a battle with mil over this (so much so last christmas we compromised that he opened half of the pressies she got him on the actual day and the other half the day after boxing day when she saw him)

I reckon that she should get you dh to sort her out and tell her what you have decided. She will take it better from him.

Blu Mon 22-Aug-05 12:16:28

I think it's nice for the people who give a present to see the child (or her parent) open it, and also means the child can hear you saying 'ooh, thank you'...a good habit / example.

But I think it's good for presents for little ones to be spaced apart a bit - they get overwhelmed.

In any case, it IS your decision, not LIL's - but do let her be there when dd opens the present from her.

Betty1970 Mon 22-Aug-05 13:28:29

Hi Juice, I would stick to your plans as far as possible, but would agree with Blu in that it would be "nice" for your mil to see your dd open the present(s) from her - even if it means through clenched teeth!

I have the same with my mil (and fil) who try and take over.

Good luck and I hope your dd has a lovely birthday.

jenk1 Mon 22-Aug-05 13:33:35

oh i cant imagine anything worse..having the MIL over to stay, hope everything goes ok

milward Mon 22-Aug-05 13:54:52

Stick to your plans - it's your house. Perhaps you could have one or two pressies that your dd could open whilst your mil is there just to calm her down on this.

riab Mon 22-Aug-05 14:54:11

Can you choose one present for your little one to open while MIL is there?
And I agree get your DH to talk to her - its his mother!

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