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what do i do about this guy i like?

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LittleMadamOfManchester Mon 22-Aug-05 08:12:42

I really like this guy. We have playful, cheeky chat when we see each other. I know him because he drives my usual public transport home from work and I really really really like him!

I'm not usually like this, usually couldn't care less about men at this stage in my life but this guy is special, he's funny and goodlooking and conversational but how do I find if he likes me too? I know he's not married and I think he may be single. Oh, I feel like a teenager all over again!

mumtosomeone Mon 22-Aug-05 08:28:12

why dont you just ask him for a drink!!!

edgetop Mon 22-Aug-05 15:51:03

why don,t you give him your number then see what happens,go on i dare you.

LittleMadamOfManchester Mon 22-Aug-05 15:57:48

He seems very approachable so I think I might just check out where he likes going in his spare time, say I like going there too and suggest we go together sometime IYSWIM!!!

spursmum Mon 22-Aug-05 16:12:39

Just ask him out for a drink!! It worked for me as the bloke I asked said that he didn't have the guts to ask me because he thought that I would say no!!
You need to take some risks in life. I liked a bloke for 7 years(OMG!) and when I finally got the courage to tell him, his response was that if I had told him sooner something may of happened but now he saw me only a a very good friend and he didn't want to cross that boundary.
In short...just ask him!!!

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