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first night sex - terrible bikini wax rash

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racetobed Fri 16-Jul-10 19:22:20

shit oh shit - have namechanged blush
heterosexual men - pls tell me the truth

tonight's the night, have overnight childcare and am free to spend night at new man's house. was feeling sexy and confident, had splashed on new underwear BUT AM SPORTING AWFUL BIKINI WAX RASH.

Is there any chance this will be overlooked in the heat of the moment? Or do I have shuffle off at midnight pledging another overnight encounter another time?

I like this guy, we've been dating a month. I wouldn't say we're in a relationship, but there's definite chemistry and I'd like to explore the possibility of one.

Is this going to be a serious put off?

Honesty pls.

PuppyMonkey Fri 16-Jul-10 19:29:01


lou33 Fri 16-Jul-10 19:38:47

have you tried aloe vera on it?

failing that keep the lights dimmed, but it may well have gone down by then

Just13moreyearstogo Fri 16-Jul-10 19:41:41

Tell him! If you're going to be getting that intimate then tell him rather than agonising about it. See what he says. If he fancies you he'll be fine with it. There's not a lot that can put a man off sex.

FakePlasticTrees Fri 16-Jul-10 19:42:32

Get ice on it now! (after sun also works sometimes.) Failing that, do you have any french knickers?

Gay40 Fri 16-Jul-10 19:45:13

Well I'm not a heterosexual man but I'll throw my twopenorth in.
It wouldn't bother me at all, I'd be very flattered you'd gone to the effort and anticipated a night in the sack.

racetobed Fri 16-Jul-10 19:47:21

thank you for your suggestions. unfortunatley there's not much i can do as I'm still in the office, and going straight from work in 5 mins.
i put lanasoigh (cracked nipple cream) on this morning, it's gone down a bit since then, but i forgot to pack it in my bag for emergency reapplication!

Am in French knicks Fake, they hide the stretch marks too!

But now I feel like a bit of a dick...all this nice underwear and horrid post-preg belly AND bikini wax. Argh, dating is a nightmare :0

thanks tho girls!

racetobed Fri 16-Jul-10 19:48:41

x-post Gay40, thanks!

nigglewiggle Fri 16-Jul-10 19:49:42

It sounds like the kind of thing you could be laughing at in years to come. If he's put off by something as insignificant as that, he's not worth worrying about.

Enjoy your date, and be sure to keep us updated....

Ronaldinhio Fri 16-Jul-10 19:50:09

tell him that the sores have healed and that the herpes are safe enough for a shag

when he recoils let him know that it's just a wax gone wrong


dh says that he will be so focussed on other stuff that he won't notice grin
especially after a month

Gay40 Fri 16-Jul-10 19:56:42

And, any man that would judge you on a post-pregnancy belly isn't worth your time, frankly.
I know you want it to be all just right on the first night, but after a month he should be past first appearances and a decent bloke won't care about the rest

nigglewiggle Fri 16-Jul-10 19:57:45

Just another thought... could you shave his initials into your pubes to distract him grin.

nigglewiggle Fri 16-Jul-10 20:49:56

Ooops. Did I lower the tone? Well it is Friday night wink.

<pours another glass>

ineedabodytransplant Fri 16-Jul-10 20:55:45

As a hetero-sexual man it wouldn't bother me in the slightest...grin

QueeferSutherland Fri 16-Jul-10 22:41:56

Got any foundation in your bag?
Do it subtly though, and not till later or it will rub off on your knicks.)

prism Fri 16-Jul-10 23:41:34

I am an extremely heterosexual man. Don't give it a second thought- anyone who is put off by that isn't worth the candle.

DryWittedIdler Sat 17-Jul-10 01:03:04

Least of his worries.... be gentle with him! Enjoy. But will it be in the back of your mind? Nah, enjoy.

racetobed Sat 17-Jul-10 12:13:15

Last night, very safely in the dark, and think that the lacy hold-ups provided quite enough distraction.

And this morning, in broad daylight he got extremely close blush, but miraculously, by then, the rash had disappeared.


Thanks for your reassurance!

gagamama Sat 17-Jul-10 12:18:11

Haha, congrats. I was going to suggest sudrocrem as there was a thread similar to this a few weeks ago and that solved the problem in that instance. It's a nugget of information I have reliably stored away for future reference. wink

PMSL at 'extremely close'. Sounds like you had a good night, anyway!

TechLovingDad Sat 17-Jul-10 12:52:46

Your mind was going "worry, worry, worry".

His mind was going "fanny, fanny, fanny".

AnyFucker Sat 17-Jul-10 12:57:41

lol @ TLD

*prism, just to clarify, what is an extremely heterosxual man as opposed to a non-extreme one ? confused

prism Sat 17-Jul-10 13:20:14

Not sure what I mean by that. But I do know that if I'd put as much effort into work as I have into my love life I'd be a millionaire.

Gay40 Sat 17-Jul-10 14:07:24

And me.

Numberfour Sat 17-Jul-10 14:28:28

LOL at "extremely close" grin

Gay40 Sat 17-Jul-10 14:34:06

Extremely close sounds like she had a good time

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