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dont think dd will forgive him

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twoteens Thu 15-Jul-10 13:42:29

Message withdrawn

Mouseface Thu 15-Jul-10 19:21:49

This is so hard to deal with, for all of you.

DD1 is 14 which in itself brings all kinds of hormones and self awareness issues. So, her farther has just told her that another baby is about to be brought into his life.

As the older of the two, I should imagine there will be a huge amount of resentment and reject for this new child.

My father re-married and when I found out that his wife was expecting (via my mother) I was gutted.

I thought I was his only little girl. Even though I had a sister. As the eldest, I was his princess etc..... you get what I mean.

God this is so hard.

Please try to talk to DD1. Get her to open up.

She will be so mixed up. She will feel rejected and hurt and betrayed.

You need to explain that none of this is because he doesn't love her. Unfortunately, the baby will take priority and he is a total shit for not telling you first that he was going to tell the girls.

Now you have to deal with the fall out, which isn't fair.

All you can do is try and talk to her, get her to open up and make sure that you do tell him he's a shit for just dropping that on you and the girls.

I hope she is ok.

twoteens Sat 17-Jul-10 00:33:42

Message withdrawn

Mouseface Sat 17-Jul-10 16:30:26

I't hard for you to keep your mouth shut when you can see that your DCs are upset.

I still bite my tongue with DD's father.

Just be open with them, let them get upset when your ex is a prat. He has to be the bad guy when he messes up. And they have to see that.

Just be there for them. I hope that when the baby arrives, he does the decent thing and remains in regular contact with ALL of his children.


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