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Rant: Feeling utterly disappointed and angry

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NattyBatty Thu 09-Feb-17 11:36:27

I thought I lived in a nice area with caring people, but I shared a post on a Facebook page for local people showing the state of things in Syria. People looking for loved ones and children being pulled out of the rubble after a bombing. It had the headline "this is why they can't 'just go back where they came from'".

Since sharing a nasty and vocal group have been hammering me with "not my problem" "charity starts at home" "stop trying to let predators in to MY neighbourhood" "not in my backyard" "coming here taking our homes/jobs/resources". They've got really personal with their insults which are aimed at me, too.

Like I said, I thought I lived in a nice area where people were caring, and it's pretty soul destroying to discover that there is this infection of xenophobia and bigotry which will rear its ugly and vocal head to cut off support to those in need. The vitriol is astounding.

Rant over.

NattyBatty Thu 09-Feb-17 11:42:08

An excerpt:

Escaping a war zone????
Lmao 😁😁😁😁😁.
You talk utter spunk.
You'd happily let anyone come here claiming victim status. The vast majority are economic migrants and you know it. You want to spend MY FUCKING MONEY on putting these poor young males up in homes built for us and paid for by us.

[...]I regard bumsters coming here to sponge off me as Slime. How does that make me a racist?
[...] But this is a Democratic country, one where you cast your vote and if you lose, you go home and boo boo in private.
You got beat, your a sorry unwashed loser. Get a grip (and some soap) and accept that
1. The majority don't want unchecked migration.
2. The majority own shower gel.
3. Your younger angry voters, are so busy doing fuck all, that they keep forgetting to vote!!!!!

Do us all a favour, get yourself over to Yemen or perhaps Oman and start spouting your dirt there.

juiceb70 Mon 01-May-17 06:06:19

Hi, what s horrid post, there are some really nasty people coming out of the woodwork at the moment... fuelled by the lies and propaganda of the msm. Keep posting, for all the gobbyness maybe one person will actually take time to read and form a different opinion. We can only change the world slowly, don't despair. I bet there are many people who feel as you do but the venom and spite of the nasties is loud and scary and they'd probably rather not attract attention. Perhaps if you continue you might give others the strength to stand up and be counted! Good luck and have faith xxx

otterturk Sat 11-Aug-18 13:09:03

People don't like being preached at.

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