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Redundancy Scoring does not reflect my work prior to maternity leave!

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mom101 Sun 05-Jul-09 00:06:15

Hi I have been told that I will be made redunandnt, I was given my scoring sheet that they used.

They have not referred to any of my experience gained before my maternity leave and in between my two maternity leaves.

They have focused on my work in the last 6 months given my holidays and part time working it is only 40 days of work!

I want to appeal but just wondered if anyone out there has been in simliar situation and what process you used. I have been advised by a friend to appoint an external lawyer?!

I strongly feel that they have not been bothered to add my previous experience simply because they have conviently forgotton as I am a part time mum

flowerybeanbag Wed 08-Jul-09 12:12:29

Did they use the previous six months of work for everyone or just you? How did the scoring system work?

Jenfin Mon 10-Aug-09 05:31:27

Hi I am in a similar situation I have been back to work only 6 months my employers have used performance criteria to determine who goes. I've used Which! Legal Services and the lady there has been very helpful. She has pointed out that the scoring has to be consistant, be objective and transparent. Mine was obviously none of the above. After brow-beating them I finally got handed a sheet of paper anyone could have typed with scores that did not honestly reflect my work in comparison to others. I was not told how they come to these scores, who did them or when it was done. I hope this helps - let us know

GrapefruitMoon Mon 10-Aug-09 06:46:41

The Maternity Alliance are very useful regarding this sort of thing - have a look at their website.

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