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Redundancy while on AML (a bit long - sorry!)

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Chocolatedays Sat 14-Mar-09 18:59:14

Looks likes it is may happen to me so if anyone has any knowledge / experience I need some help!

OK here are some details:

My AML ends on 4th July. I have been into the office and said I plan to return and we verbally agreed I'd start back on 4th July and immediately take the accrued leave so my first day in the office would be 22nd July. I have not yet officially emailed this to confirm.

On Thurs I had a call from the HR manager saying they are having to review headcount and were starting the consultation period - they had notified the other employees of this at a recent meeting. The HR mngr emailed me follwing the tel call. The email said they would reduce headcount through redundancy before July.

I work for a fairly small agency and so only stat redundancy is on offer and I have a 3 month notice period in my contract. I will have worked for them for 2 yrs on 15th May (just over one year working and the rest on SML & AML)

Here are my Qs:
I think (though am not sure) I would normally be entitled to 2 weeks at £350 (the max stat redundancy pay) PLUS 3 months notice (which I may have either have had to work or may have been be offered it as a lump sum).
If (which seems likely) I am still on AML while being made redundant BUT was going to return during the notice period what money am I entitled to?

Also - what is the earliest they are allowed to make me redundant following the call on Thurs?

Might it be worth giving notice to go back earlier than July?

Sorry this is long but I think for anyone to help then some of the detail is needed.

Thanks in advance for any pointers

gillydaffodil Sun 15-Mar-09 12:38:13

Message withdrawn

Chocolatedays Sun 15-Mar-09 17:34:40

Hi Gilly

Don't think my redundancy qs are getting much reaction here so think I'll try where you suggested too. Thanks.

Lets talk about IVF here instead! Yep I do have some advice on IVF at HH - we had two goes there and learnt lots from the first try.

These are in a bit of a random order.....

If this is your first go (sorry can't remember) then try to go with the flow a bit - you & they will learn lots and fine tune your next go (if you have to have a 2nd go)

Do you know they have a satelite clinic in Harvey St(which is plush!)? They seem to keep it a bit hush hush but it can be very handy if it is nearer work. (we had our 6week scan there)

Drink about 2 litres of water a day to flush out excess drugs (I tried to down a shed load before getting up) - it helps against the headaches but bloating and headaches are pretty common when you are nearing egg collection time.

When/if they call you re bloods if you are not clear /not sure then you can ask to speak to a senior doc (the jnr docs do the calling). We were told to abandon our 2nd cycle but we pushed to understand why (had a large cyst forming) eventually spoke to the consultant and as a result decided to continue. We only got 3 eggs and one of them is sat on the rug in front of me as I type!

The embryologists were fantastic. They were very knowledgable and helped us decide to go for ICSI even though there was no prob on my bloke's side (higher fert rates - useful if you only have a few eggs)

Consider acupuncture (Daniel Elliot and team were v good)

Accept it is a roller coaster at every stage. First time round we thought we were in a good place with 5 eggs - only to find none of them got past 2 cells. (Talking the the embryologists helped here too)

I did not have any symptoms in the 2ww - so you don't know if it has worked until either af arrives or ......

I was injecting progesterone the 2nd time as I have a short luteal phase - I asked to do this

Consider not telling too many people - though they mean well it is hard when lots of people are asking for updates when you have no idea what is going on yourself!

MN is supportive (of course) and fertility friends dot co dot uk is very good for finding couples going through the same thing as you.

Timing meant it was not possible to take much time off work during either cycle - a lot of women take much of the time off so don't panic if you have to work

Take your own fruit / juice / sarnies for after the egg collection. You have to eat before you leave and their sarnies are terrible! (so is the coffee)

GOOD LUCK - and feel free to ask any questions. Choc x

gillydaffodil Sun 15-Mar-09 22:37:04

Message withdrawn

Chocolatedays Mon 16-Mar-09 12:03:55

Hi Gilly
I over stimmed on Clomid but Gonal F is different and I didn't respond brilliantly (though in the end brilliantly enough) so try not to worry as you will be very carefully monitored.

Is this an NHS go? You don't need to decide on ICSI until near egg collection. You can also choose to ICSI half of them if you get a good crop. NHS or private shouldn't, in theory, make any difference.

I was going through a lot of work stress both times - I don't think it affects results much - just rest when you can and eat as healthily as you can.

Acu can be beneficial during stimming (helping the lining thicken) and very benficial just before and immediately after they put the fertilised eggs back. Daniel Elliot is c £45 per treatment and very straight talking. I'd encourage you to give him a call for a free chat (google him - if you can't find it I'll dig out his no)

Do keep me posted.

Choc x

gillydaffodil Mon 16-Mar-09 19:16:13

Message withdrawn

LackaDAISYcal Mon 16-Mar-09 19:30:00

chocolatedays...can't help on the IVF stuff, but I startted a thread yesterday as I have just had notice of my employers starting the consultation period for redundancies as well and I'm 8 weeks into my AML period.
the advice i got from flowerybeanbag in the employment section is that you should get paid for the notice period, plus holidays, plus whatever weekly rate is stated in your contract, ie your normal weekly rate or just the statutory rate. I need to dig out my contract and see what mine says.

As you are on maternity leave though, you should be offered alternative employment ahead of any other employee (I believe) and they can't use the fact that you are on maternity leave as the basis of your selection for redundancy or you can sue them for unfair dismissal.

Good Luck with the IVF smile

There is good information on

Chocolatedays Mon 16-Mar-09 21:08:45

Hi LacakaDaisycal. Thankfully I'm though IVF for now - so Gilly that good luck is for you!

I'm interested to hear how your consultation etc pans out - it all seems quite vague at my co.

Gilly - HH did not have a connection with an acu when I did IVF so I don't know if it is Daniel. By the way I didn't get any relaxation from the acu either - but I felt it was worth trying.

gillydaffodil Tue 17-Mar-09 22:01:32

Message withdrawn

Chocolatedays Wed 18-Mar-09 12:42:29

Great Gilly.

See if you can have a chat with Daniel. I think he is very honest and won't try to "sell" you treatments he doesn't deem beneficial.

gillydaffodil Sat 21-Mar-09 16:19:34

Message withdrawn

Ready Sat 21-Mar-09 17:18:34

Hi Choc, sorry to hear you are dealing with the prospect of redundancy. Being in the civil service I don't know how the 'real world' works, but it was my understanding that while on maternity leave you are protected - they would have to strongly justify why you were included in the cull - would they be able to do that?

Hope all is well with you Gilly, glad to see you tracked Choc down

gillydaffodil Sat 21-Mar-09 18:03:40

Message withdrawn

flockwallpaper Sat 21-Mar-09 20:26:23

Hi Chocolate, feel like I'm hijacking your thread now Please get some professional advice, I can only pass on my experience of redundancy situations I have come across.

I'm not sure that they can make you redundant whilst you're still on mat leave, but they can the next working day after it ends. There could be special rules for smaller businesses. If they do, I think they have to prioritise finding a new position for you. You may be expected to return on 4th July, if only to receive your redundancy notice because that is when your maternity leave ends, or they may arrange for you to receive it in the post but they would normally prefer to see you in person. If your HR department are helpful, they should ask you whether you still want to take the holiday as holiday or in the circumstances as a cash equivalent.

Many companies would not make you work your notice period after maternity leave because whilst you have been off, your work has already been covered by someone else or is not required. They can put you on 'garden leave' where they pay you during the notice period for not working. Remember as A parent you have the right to request flexible working, which could include a phase back if they do insist on you working your notice period, although be careful and check if you have to do this that it doesn't affect your redundancy payout. Getting children settled in childcare for just 3 months(if you don't find another position straight away) is disruptive for them and for you.

When they are allowed to make you redundant following the call on Thurs will depend on how many people at that moment in time in the whole company are officially at risk of redundancy. Typically I think it was 30 days consultation period, but this extends to 90 days if a lot of people are at risk. At the end of the consultation period, they can normally serve you with your redundancy notice, so your colleagues on 3 months notice would probably have a termination date of mid July. The consultation period goes on regardless of whether you are on maternity leave, although your company must keep you up to date and give you chance to propose alternatives to the redundancy to management. But as you are on maternity leave, I would have thought that you would receive your redundancy notice when you return to work on the 4th July, so with 3 months notice, your termination date would be in October. Even if you take holiday straight after your mat leave, you are classed as having returned as you aren't on mat leave any more.

It might it be worth giving notice to go back earlier than July if you are in the unpaid portion of your leave and you want the redundancy pay sooner. But sometimes it might be worth hanging on if taking a bit of extra time means that you accrue an additional full year of service, which may increase your final payout.

gillydaffodil Wed 25-Mar-09 07:35:49

Message withdrawn

Chocolatedays Thu 26-Mar-09 12:10:25

FlockWP - thanks for the detailed response - really appreciated (sorry you felt you were hijacking!) - I have spoken to a few colleagues and it seems everyone is in the dark as to timings! Still working out how best to handle and your suggestions are helping.

Gilly - I didn't get any side effects either and I think that is a sign the large volume of water you are having is working!
You are doing fine - get back to me after your scan and we'll chat about what they've found!


gillydaffodil Fri 27-Mar-09 12:55:29

Message withdrawn

Chocolatedays Fri 27-Mar-09 19:24:44

That's very good! I've heard HH tends to aim for 10 quality eggs rather than the +10 you'll hear other clinics getting.

By the way - I didn't get any symptoms during the 2WW either - don't be surprised if you are clueless on what is going on throughout the process.

Did they do bloods too? Can't recall whether they do that everytime.

Just keep doing what you're doing!

gillydaffodil Sun 29-Mar-09 20:28:21

Message withdrawn

Chocolatedays Sun 29-Mar-09 21:24:46

I discussed blasts with the embryologists and suggest you pop up next time you are in to do the same. The person I spoke to really seemed to love their job and was more than happy to talk though our scenario. At the time (18mnths ago) HH was of the opinion the embies were best off back in the womb and they were getting very good results too - however this part of of fertility treatment know-how was moving very fast and it may be their opinions have changed.

I noticed you said not freezing would be very hard for you - and I understand what you mean - however in the end for us we didn't get any frosties either time.... but we did end up with a daughter!

Good luck for tomorrow -

Choc x

gillydaffodil Mon 30-Mar-09 23:00:37

Message withdrawn

Chocolatedays Tue 31-Mar-09 10:32:22

Sounds like things are progressing well!

Don't forget to take some juice, fruit and a sarnie to the EC. BTW the coffee in the machine used to be grim - much better in the main hospital.
I quite liked the sedation - you get a nice snoozy feel afterwards!

Your dh is going to experience the surreal secret room! Best not tease him about it til after as he might get stage fright!

gillydaffodil Tue 31-Mar-09 19:21:41

Message withdrawn

Chocolatedays Tue 31-Mar-09 20:23:02

I did acu before and after - I think it wasn't such and early start for the transfer.

Totally understand the readiness for the next stage ... and the end of injections.

Are you have progesterone sups?

All the best for tomorrow.

gillydaffodil Wed 01-Apr-09 22:01:06

Message withdrawn

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