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Basic redundancy questions - help please!

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Morifarty Mon 05-Feb-18 13:11:28

DH works within a department for a large UK company. He works the day shift within his department, and is the only staff member who works the day shift in this department. There are also two night shift workers who work in this department. He was employed specifically to work the day shift, and the night workers were employed to work the nights. Both day and night workers perform the same role.

He has been working there for less than 2 years (a couple of months off 2 years). He is a member of the union.

The company has mentioned that they are performing a staff consultation process, where they will basically be massively reducing the night staff workers, looking to move them around onto day shifts where possible, and assess the shifts and hours of all day staff as turnover is decreasing. So far, so good.

DH gets the feeling that as part of this process they are trying to get rid of him. He thinks their current plan is to move the night shift workers for his department over onto various day shifts as they have been there for more than 2 years, and to get rid of him.

There's no concrete reason for him to think this, but it's a big company and gossip spreads like wildfire. He's had a previous altercation with a junior manager (workplace bullying on the manager's part) for which the union was involved, but there's no current action. The company is generally terrible at managing staff.

I know a role needs to be made redundant, not a person. What I am interested in is how this applies when there are day shift workers and night shift workers. If their plans are to get rid of the night shift jobs and keep the day shift jobs, do these count as separate roles? If they do make the night shift job redundant, are they operating legally to move the night shift worker onto DH's role and make DH redundant, when his role will still operate?

Obv he will contact ACAS and the union if needs be, but looking to get some preliminary info as I know there's some helpful people here!

chocolateiamydrug Tue 13-Feb-18 16:12:35

I would have a chat with the union now and not just as/if the needs arises.

However, if he has less than 2 years service it is very easy to let go of him - as an employee you have very few rights.

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