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Notification of possible redundancy

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hazel1910 Wed 12-Jul-17 17:20:46

30 years with same employer, no time-keeping, attendance or disciplinary issues. I'm flexible and work hard.
At end of shift today, I was asked into Finance Directors office and told my workload has decreased (it hasn't!!!) and that they are thinking of merging my job with another job (basically they want rid of me!).
If my job is being given to someone else, is my job actually being made redundant?
I have to go into another meeting on Monday to discuss this situation.
What can I do to save the job I love? What do I say?
Please, please, please, anyone any advice to help me?

CotswoldStrife Wed 12-Jul-17 17:23:13

Did they mention redundancy, or do they mean that you will have to do the other job as well as yours?

userofthiswebsite Wed 12-Jul-17 17:25:28

It's not my area but I think you can only make a 'role' redundant and not a person and they are obliged to try and find Person X who is in said role, another role within the company. If they are merging two roles, currently filled by 2 people - you and someone else - I think it would be a case of seeing who is best suited and that would have to be documented.

hazel1910 Wed 12-Jul-17 20:06:29

CotswoldStrife - They have worded my letter "no alternative but to consider the redundancy of your position in a pool of one with no other roles being at risk"

userofthiswebsite - my job will still be have to be done on a weekly basis but by someone else, they will pass my duties on to the person who covers my job when I'm on holiday???

I'm so confused, peed off, sad!!!

I want to go in to the next meeting armed and ready for a fight against the management. I've worked bloody hard for 30 years and given my all. I don't waste time, I don't use my phone at work, I've only had 5 days of sick in the last 30 years and the new management regime (arse lickers) have come in and stuck it to me right well and true.

RippleEffects Wed 12-Jul-17 20:11:19

What a horrible shock. Its not over till its over though.

Thinking of your skills do they overlap with other roles in the organisation? If they do and they're making one role redundant, all of those with a similar skills basis should be in the pool.

But, if they really want shot consider whether your best option is playing hard and working out a better deal to go quickly, quietly with a good refference and decent payout to buy you time.

PilchardsonToast Wed 12-Jul-17 20:12:23

Hi, it depends about what's actually going to happen to your work. If they propose just stopping doing some and a few remaining tasks then being picked up by someone else then they would not have to pool the two of you for the one remaining role but if it was a genuine merge with 50/50 or prob even 40/60 (although these figures are anywhere I law) then by singling you out then you could argue it is not a fair redundancy. I'd ask for more info about how your tasks will be carried out in the future and take it from there

Good luck smile

hazel1910 Wed 12-Jul-17 23:01:25

Thank you all for your advice, support and just being there, I really appreciate it.

As a single mum to 2 lovely boys, I've not really got anyone to cry to or burden with my problems. I've basically lived all my adult life at one organization and at 47 scared that no other employer will want anything I've got to offer as I already know my job has gone.

Thank you again.

mumof2kidsand1furryMisty Thu 13-Jul-17 07:22:20

There is some very good advice here sweetie I really hope it helps, chin up and LUV YOU x

thatstoast Thu 13-Jul-17 07:34:40

Make sure you read up on your entitlement to notice and redundancy pay. You should get 12 weeks notice as a minimum and roughly 20 weeks pay.

xrayyankeezulu Thu 13-Jul-17 07:39:59

@hazel1910 I went through similar several years ago I can't actually remember the ins & outs of it to be honest but I joined Unite & they were worth their weight in gold.

Not sure what your job is but they cover most industries (I was an administrator). It worked out quite for me at the time as I found out I was pregnant not long after & probably wouldn't of returned after that anyway but my union rep handled everything on my behalf & got me a good settlement out of it.

Look at their website & join up, was well worth it for me.

Good luck I hope it all works out ok for you

Loopytiles Thu 13-Jul-17 07:43:00

Very sorry you're in this situation. ACAS can provide information on correct process etc.

47 is young!

thinkfast Thu 13-Jul-17 07:43:23

Ring Acas for some free advice.

What duties to the 2 people who your duties are moving to do? If similar, did your employer consider pooling you with them?

Loopytiles Thu 13-Jul-17 07:43:44

I might seek to argue that people with similar roles and skills should be in the "pool" for redundancy.

daimbar Thu 13-Jul-17 07:49:40

I am so sorry as this must be a huge shock but if it goes ahead it could actually turn out to be a positive thing.

After 30 years you are undoubtedly in a position to negotiate a good payout.

You will be able to have a nice holiday, re-train in something else or simply have a break from work for a while without worrying about none.

What is it you do and what makes you think another company wouldn't snap you up with your positive track record?

hazel1910 Thu 13-Jul-17 08:09:05

Thank you all again for your messages of support.

I think I've just hit rock bottom, I have no confidence and the thought of trying to sell myself to another potential employer scares me. Its just that I've worked damn hard in this job, I've sacrificed time at home with the kids to make sure the job is completed.

Dizzywizz Wed 06-Dec-17 12:45:59

Hi @hazel1910, just wondering how you’re getting on? Been told today I am facing redundancy, like you I have 2 young kids also disabled and up to our eyes in debt 😭😭😭

DumbleDee Wed 28-Feb-18 21:30:41

You've been put at risk. They now must consult and select between you and the other person (who should also have been put at risk)

Ic3cleshanging Thu 01-Mar-18 14:58:46

If you have worked for 30 years of course you will have transferable skills. Spend time updating your CV and Linked In profile. If they make you redundant get everything in writing. If you are in UK the first 30k is tax free. You can claim Universal credit or job seekers allowance (contributions based) you need to apply the day after redundancy it won't be back dated. Use all your contacts to try to get another job. Goodluck

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