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Possible redundancy in niche job

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StillIRise1 Mon 20-Feb-17 15:29:41

My job is funded yearly, contract up at end of March, still no word of what's happening with job, only that there will be cuts to the number of people delivering the service
The problem I have is that my job is well paid for the area I live but it's very niche, doesn't really qualify me for anything else in the field
I work three days for what in essence is a full time salary, I don't know whether to start looking for something else or wait and see if my post is safe, it wouldn't be a problem financially if post went but I don't want to leave, I love my job

MrsAmaretto Sun 18-Jun-17 20:55:33

I'm in a similar position, I'm waiting to hear if I'll be made redundant from a well paid, part time niche role. I live in rural Scotland and there's only 20 of these posts in the whole of Scotland!

Yes I would keep my eye out locally and apply to anything you think would be suitable given your transferable skills. Have you worked out what lower hourly rate you'd be willing to take? Given that you face this every year I'd definitely keep looking

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