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Worried about being made redundant

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ElisaGreco Sat 11-Feb-17 16:40:50


I'm thinking about leaving telling my employer about my pregnancy until 26 weeks as I'm worried they'll try to make me redundant if I tell them before this. My performance was reviewed 6 months ago and I was offered a different position, which I turned down, and nothing happened since, so I'm still in my current position. I work in retail and my position exists in other stores but not in the new store, so I'm wondering if the company have legal rights to make my position redundant if it exists in other stores? If I wait until 26 weeks it'll be really obvious as I'm already showing now and also I'd like the risk assessment done as I was left with some physical problems in my last pregnancy... any advice would be appreciated

MrsB12345 Tue 28-Feb-17 23:23:02

They can't make you redundant because your pregnant. It's covered under the protected characteristics which cover you from day one of employment if they are applicable and would have a bloody hard job to prove you've been chosen based on performance and not pregnancy related. Call ACAS if you want advice x

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