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DH doesn't want to TUPE

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Labracadabra Wed 14-Sep-16 20:13:36

My DH works for a small business which has been sold to a corporate chain. He's been there 4 years. He had already accepted a new job and is currently working his notice period (he's about a month into a 2 month notice period) before there was any awareness of the sale/TUPE. The TUPE is due to happen in a week or two. DH doesn't want to TUPE as he doesn't want to sign a contract with the new company (he's in a profession where it's common to have restrictive covenant/clause in the contract stopping you from working in a certain radius so it could be useful in the future if he wasn't restricted in that way). What happens if he doesn't sign? He also has a few outstanding annual leave days to take. Thanks!

Parker231 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:12:24

He can object to the transfer. Same as resigning - no redundancy or notice pay but salary and holiday pay to date of leaving which is usually the date the transfer takes place. Must object in writing.

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