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Redundancy & mat leave

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Allthefours Mon 04-Jan-16 23:09:17

I am currently on mat leave from my job as office manager in a school. The head spoke to staff today about a whole school restructure which will be effective from sept 16. I knew the restructure was happening before I went on mat leave but none of the details.

The first day of consultation is today. I wasn't invited to the meeting but a colleague advised me it took place. The restructure documentation has been emailed to staff but I am not routinely checking my emails and unless my colleague told me I wouldn't have known anything.

Reading through the paperwork, my role is no longer in the new structure. There is a senior administrator role at the same grade as mine.

Can anyone advise whether I should be offered the senior admin role (I suspect the job description will be a variation of mine) or whether I will need to apply for it. The admin team are being hit hard with almost half of the roles removed from the new structure and there are 3 of us on the same grade but with varying roles but only 1 position at this level in the new structure.

I need to speak with the union tomorrow but I'm peeved that I wasn't invited to the consultation meeting by official channels today.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Fizrim Mon 04-Jan-16 23:13:42

I would speak with the Union - depends what the meeting was, if it was just about the restructure it would certainly have been nice to invite you. If it is the start of a redundancy consultation (which it may not, it's obviously a fair while before this new structure is in place) then they should have invited you.

I suspect that they may get the three of you on the same grade to apply for the new post?

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