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Increase in hours to increase severance package

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DLCC Tue 25-Mar-14 10:18:14

Hi there

We were given notice in November that the site is due to close this June. I currently work as a 50% jobshare (PA/Administration looking after 4 Directors and 30 of their staff) and my jobshare has found another position. There MAY be an opportunity to increase my hours to full time from mid April until the end of June, this will also increase my severance package. I had a meeting with my boss and HR yesterday who have told me that they are going to try as hard as possible to get it approved by the powers that be. I however, have to write a case to justify why I should have my hours increased when there are other PA's sitting around basically not doing a lot. I have included the fact that I am flexible, that I am willing to turn my hand to anything, that there will be a seamless transfer of work between my jobshare and I, I know the systems, no need to train anyone, I know the preferences of the staff I look after with regard to travel, meetings etc, but I'm struggling to think of any killer lines....

Can anyone help?

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