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Anybody actually been made redundant from the NHS? Advice needed.

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AfriendCalledFive Sun 02-Feb-14 16:29:00

Only ever known, or heard of, employees being re-deployed rather than made redundant, in the Trust I work in.

Ok, back story. I have worked for the NHS 9 years this year. Been under Health Records/admin and clerical division since I started, so basically Admin and Clerical is all I know.

We have been informed that by the end of this year, our Trust will be 100% paperless. No more casenotes. No Health Records dept, which is pretty much 95% what I work in, and is the one mostly affected. Half of Health Records personnel across the Trust are being made redundant.

I need to know what happens when it comes to looking for other roles in the Trust, and there are no roles in A&C. Are they likely to re-train me to do something completely different, rather than give me a redundancy pay-off?

Anybody been in this situation, and been made redundant? What happened (if you don't mind me asking)? Meetings have been held, but no one has yet said what actually happens at the redundancy stage. Sorry for the long post.

fluterby Mon 03-Feb-14 11:29:05

We were given notice in the NHS regional office that admin staff were being cut by 20% about five years ago. As I was last in (had started quite recently) I thought I was likely to be first out. We were given priority for any vacancies in the area at the PCTs, hospitals etc. By that I mean, the jobs were only open to those at threat of redundancy. If you are on the NHS jobs website, they give you a log in that allows you to see those vacancies.

I don't remember anybody actually being made redundant, but as I say, it was a few years ago and things may have changed.

Would it be worth getting some touch typing/keyboard type skills if you don't already have them? I work in private sector medicine now where the records have been paperless for years. They still need people to input data, save/scan records to file, audio type letters, make appointments, deal with queries.

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