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NHS redundancy

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SpanielFace Fri 24-Jan-14 14:05:03

DH works for NHS Property Services. The whole organisation is being restructured nationally, and his job role no longer exists. There is a 45 day consultation period before we find out what happens, but he's been told he is at risk of redundancy - the details they sent look as if 20% of the workforce is going, most from the middle management level (which is where DH is at). If he isn't slotted into another role, he will expected to apply for any suitable roles at his band or one band up/down. Luckily he's been with them over 10 years, so has 4 years protected pay if he has to move down a band, but he is currently band 6 "acting up" as band 7 so not sure what level will be protected (can anyone answer this?).

My biggest concern is that they will try to force him to take a job elsewhere in the UK, and if he refuses he will forfeit any redundancy pay. We own a house (with mortgage), I have built a part-time career as a locum in this area, we have family locally who help with childcare... it would be really difficult to relocate. How far can he be expected to travel, as an alternative to redundancy? Has anyone been through this? Can they force you?

I'm also quietly shitting myself that I could be pregnant. DS is now 17 months, and we stopped using condoms 2 weeks ago - not specifically trying, but not preventing iyswim - if I am, then we are in trouble if DH is out of work, as I am self employed and will only get basic SMP. His redundancy pay (if they don't wriggle out of it) would be 11 months salary, and we have redundancy insurance that would kick in after 6 months, but still would be really difficult, especially if I have a bad pregnancy or any complications that prevent me from working. AF is due next week so we'll find out then. Last week I would have been hoping I was pregnant, now I'm dreading the possibility. sad

I'm really hoping that he is one of the lucky ones who finds a role in the new structure. He works so hard, he's good at his job and has gone up the ladder quite quickly, and the fact he is "acting up" means that he can work at a higher level than his job role. But the new structure seems to be all about cost-cutting, so I'm not confident.sad

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