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Advice needed pls

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Solero Thu 09-Jan-14 11:49:14

Hi all, I am due to return to work next week after mat leave. I was called into a meeting yesterday to discover that my store is closing and as there is no suitable/viable alternative employment for me it looks as though I will have to accept redundancy. The issue is in the time frame of the announcement. I have worked for the company 11 years this year and should therefore be afforded 11 weeks notice but the closure is happening on the 8th March so is only 8 weeks notice. What happens in this situation? Do they pay me for the remaining 3 weeks? I have read about payment in lieu of service but there is nothing in my contract to state the company actually pays this. Am confused and concerned.

mariefab Sat 11-Jan-14 12:43:07

If you have 11 complete years of service you are entitled to 11 weeks notice.
If you can only work for 8 weeks of this, they will have to pay you for the other 3 weeks in lieu, regardless of what is, or isn't, in your contract

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