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Pregnancy, redundancy and how to negotiate...

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VacheEspanol Thu 12-Dec-13 12:07:51

This is a long one – please bear with me and read to the end!

I’m going to be made redundant. I wasn’t successful at interview following a restructure (after my return from first period of maternity leave).

I am pregnant. I have been offered a short term contract to cover until I go on maternity leave.

My organisation will be paying my maternity leave and I will be made redundant on my return to work.

I’m in the process of going through grievance and possible tribunal action based on sex / maternity discrimination (union / solicitor backed).

Due to my pregnancy, my employer has decided to extend their “duty of care” and not make me redundant until the end of maternity leave.

I have given it a lot of thought and think I want to start negotiating to be made redundant at the start of my maternity leave rather than at the end. This would be better for me emotionally and allow me some control back. It would also mean that I could apply for jobs if they came up whilst I was on maternity leave. If I applied and was successful before being made redundant, it would count as me resigning.

If I am made redundant at the end of maternity leave then I would receive the following (I have taken out the actual figures):
•Full pay until I go on mat leave (3 months)
•Mat leave pay (essentially breakdowns as 60% of ft salary for 12 months).
•Annual leave and bank hols, accrued whilst on mat leave (40 days).
•Redundancy payment (9 weeks ft pay).
•Notice period (9 weeks ft pay) .
•Training budget (approx. £8k)
•Consultation period when back from maternity leave – up to 6 weeks’ pay.
•Keeping in touch days (10 days).

So what could I negotiate on?? For me some elements are non-negotiable – mat pay, training budget, redundancy payment etc…

But losing notice period and annual leave works out as quite a lot of money when totted up. But is the remuneration worth the emotional despair of being forced to return to an organisation where I’m not wanted.

I lose other benefits e.g. tax free child care vouchers, pension contributions, continuous service (10 years), keeping in touch days. Is it worth negotiating on these points?

Where and when do I start negotiating?

If you’ve made it this far, then thank you! Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way of going about this?

Many thanks.

Jenninlw Tue 15-Jul-14 22:34:22

Can I ask what kind of organisation you work for? It seems very generous that they've offered you mat pay even though you were unsuccessful in getting a new role in restructure

I'm getting made redundant and I'm pregnant and they've offered me bugger all over and above what they would offer anyone else! I'm taking them to task on it as I'm only one of two roles been made redundant and apparently I there are no other roles for me to apply for

Have you made a decision yet? What was the outcome? Be interested as it might help me in my negotiations!

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