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Pregnancy and redundancy timing

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Penguinita Thu 05-Dec-13 00:04:54

My whole department has been told that we need to decide between relocation or redundancy. If we take redundancy, the company says it can decide on the exit timing for each individual based on "business needs" and it could be any time in the next two years.

My question is whether it is within their rights to make those of us on maternity leave redundant first? Clearly there is no business need to have us on the payroll for a day longer than necessary. This does feel discriminatory, but as they have offered us a suitable alternative role if we relocate do we forfeit pregnancy protection if we decline it?

I'm currently four months pregnant and worrying myself sick about this, any advice gratefully received.

KentExpecting Thu 21-Aug-14 10:49:30

If the only reason for making you redundant BEFORE anyone else is your pregnancy, then that's discrimination and unlawful.

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