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I need advice

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MissMooMoo Mon 28-Oct-13 14:16:14

I work full time as a nanny and have been working for the same employers for 2 years 6 months.
I have found a new job that starts in January and have given verbal notice that I will not be back after the Christmas holidays, I have yet to give written notice but plan to this week as I have just finalised contract for new job over the weekend.

current employers have advertised the job (it is now a part time position) as a start date of beg December with a handover the last week of November....I was hoping to work until Dec 18.

Will this be redundancy if they give me an end date of eg November 30? I am starting to panic because I can not afford to have NO wages at all in December. I am not agreeing to an end date of the end of November!

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