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Refused redundancy

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MamaJessica Tue 10-Sep-13 16:59:16

While on maternity leave my job was altered significantly and moved to a new location
This caused lots of stress whilst I was on maternity leave as the alrered job was completely different and not related to my skills and experience
After a long process and lots of meetings with me complaining they have gone back to my original job description!
In the meantime I applied for voluntary redundancy but was refused
I'm still on maternity leave but my year is up soon!
I don't really want to work for this company due to the way I've been treated and harassed whilst on maternity leave
If I resign I walk away with nothing. i was refused vol redundancy but I really don't think they'd replace me of I did leave, but they don't want to pay me off with redundancy. Tricky situation.......

Any advice appreciated smile

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