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Consultation started, redundancy in five months

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Demolicious Wed 17-Apr-13 17:41:09

Due to restructure plans, our team has been told all staff are being made redundant at end of Sep 2013. Consultation has started. I just wanted to know, does consultation go on for as long as it takes for everyone to sign up or can company force ending after one month ? Also, once consultation document signed, when do they serve notice - statutory minimum period for me would be 6 weeks even though my contract states one month ? Can redundancy end date be brought forward once papers signed ? Also, if I look for a job and get offered something to start after Sep, when do I have to tell anyone and would I lose redundancy package ? So many questions, any help appreciated.

mumblecrumble Wed 17-Apr-13 22:53:10

God, so sorry its effecting you. No real answers but would suggest you take these to union or hr? All feels very complicated.

What I cans ay is I was in your position this time last year. I feared being made to leae a job I loved, losing money and wondered what would happen to our little family, our house, my career etc.

I did lose my job, and what I want to convey is, its never as bad as you fear and you will, if you need to, have the strength to get through it.

Having someone to chat to about worries etc helps, for me its my husband, but I also had a good union rep, then a good jobseeker advisore. I am now doing supply teaching, there is little work.... but positives in other way: more time with DD, meeting new people, looking at new directions. Some days its shite... sooooo many ophonecalls, form filling and trying to find self confidence... but its OK.

Do see union if you have one

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