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some questions re redundancy process

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bananasandhoney Mon 28-Jan-13 07:42:26

Hi, can anyone shed light on what I can expect or is it a matter of just going with the flow? Also, I have worked with the company long enough and seen enough happen to have absolutely no doubt that I need to be ultra aware or I could get shafted somehow, so all info much appreciated.
Situation in a nutshell: company struggling, need to make cuts. Meeting put in my diary on Friday 18 Jan pm for a meeting on Monday 21st with my line manager. Turned up to find HR there as well; not hugely surprised, I've been got at and picked at enough over the past couple of months to know my time was up.
At the meeting I got the spiel and request to think about alternatives, cost cutting etc. I did ask whether there was any point and got the impression that there was a slim chance - but the letter I got as a follow up didn't seem to be as hopeful!
The only other thing I asked at the meeting (I had already planned to say as little as possible in the meeting, to avoid getting bogged down, or becoming emotional etc - wanted them to do all the work) was about the timing. I was told ASAP.
However, one week later and I have heard nothing else. I have had a manic week as a lot of things came up that I had to deal with. There was obviously no discussion about where to redirect this smile

So my questions:
Would it be reasonable to find out when I arrive at work today that I have a further meeting?
Could it be the end already today? (I'm thinking they may want to end it neatly by the end of the month)
Presumably they will not be able to pay me anything more than my regular salary at the end of this month, given the timing. Anything to watch out for here if I have to wait until end Feb?

I have a calculation of redundancy pay etc and have found plenty of info about my rights in this regard; I just want to be armed re how they are going about it.


bananasandhoney Mon 28-Jan-13 09:11:09

Hopeful bump?

somebloke123 Mon 28-Jan-13 13:41:41

Nothing much to add but even if you are made compulsorily redundant you are entitled to a certain amount of notice.

This amounts to a week for every year you have been there, up to a maximum of 12 weeks. How long have you been there?

Are they offering voluntary redundancy? If so, is this going to be greater than compulsory?

bananasandhoney Mon 28-Jan-13 16:26:33

Thanks for your reply. it's compulsory redundancy and I will get full 12 weeks notice. I'm just not sure if that can start right away or if there does have to be a process in the name of consultation.
anyway, it's now more than likely not today! but am finding it v difficult to keep going in a sort of limbo now.

somebloke123 Tue 29-Jan-13 10:33:35

Again this is off the top of my head and I'm no expert, but I think the strict rules are that the requirement for an extended formal consultation process apply to cases where more than 20 staff are losing their jobs. But even in an individual case they do have to consult with you and explore alternative work you could do.

This is from the TUC, though maybe you already have this:

bananasandhoney Wed 30-Jan-13 11:21:48

Thanks, I hadn't actually come across that site so useful reading.
maybe I am being picky here but this doesn't sit right with me: a meeting has just popped up in my diary for Friday afternoon. I assume this is the follow up meeting, although there is no text, just date and time. is it just rude or actually not going about things in the right way?
This is my question re process really, I know there are things which must be done but don't know if there is a right way.
thanks for any input.

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